F1 bosses are meeting to discuss how to avoid a repetition of the Belgian Grand Prix. A farce, as Lewis Hamilton put it.


F1 bosses are meeting to discuss how to avoid a repetition of the Belgian Grand Prix. A farce, as Lewis Hamilton put it.

On Sunday, a result was announced after only three circuits around the rain-soaked Spa-Francorchamps circuit, with many in the sport criticizing the decision to award points when no race had been held.

F1 might see a slew of regulation changes as a result of the dramatic events at Sunday’s Belgian Grand Prix, with the sport’s top executives eager to work with teams to better deal with the situation if it arises again. Half-points were awarded after just three circuits at Spa, which were all run behind a safety car with no overtaking allowed.

The race was delayed due to severe rain in Belgium, although Bernd Maylander led the drivers on a formation lap to evaluate visibility.

They rapidly discovered, however, that they couldn’t see much in front of them, so the drivers were returned to the pits to wait for a break in the rain.

However, after around two hours, it became evident that there wouldn’t be one, and the FIA was forced to make a decision.

Before quitting the Grand Prix, race director Michael Masi gave the green light for two more laps behind the safety car so that a result could be announced under the sport’s current rules.

Half-points were granted to those in the top ten who completed at least two laps.

While some believe that rewarding those who performed well in qualifying was fair, numerous drivers have expressed their dissatisfaction with not being able to overtake or battle for points.

Reports on motorsport Stefano Domenicali, F1’s chief executive, is likewise concerned about how the situation was handled, and is eager to meet with all necessary stakeholders to discuss rule modifications to ensure that this does not happen again.

Any such changes would need to be approved by F1, the FIA, and all of the sport’s teams.

In light of the events in Belgium, Masi has stated that the FIA and the teams will meet to “look at a whole lot of things.”

Karun Chandhok, a former driver and presenter for Sky Sports, said the FIA “must to learn from Spa and modify the rules on what constitutes a race.”

“I’d recommend at least 25% of the laps should be raced without.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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