F1: Australian GP faces postponement amid increasing coronavirus worries


21 March at-risk race due to travel restrictionsF1 unveiled an ambitious 23-race schedule for 2020

Because of rising coronavirus issues, the 2021 Australian Grand Prix will have to be postponed. Due to strict travel restrictions, the race is at risk. The season-opening race scheduled for March 21 is unlikely to take place due to a new collection of restrictions levied by the Australian government.

After landing in the country, all members of the F1 traveling circus will have to spend 14 days in quarantine.Lewis Hamilton says battling racism was a “added driver” to F1 successRead moreLast year, after a British mechanic from McLaren tested positive for the coronavirus, the race at Melbourne’s Albert Park circuit was dramatically cancelled. A record-breaking 23-race programme was planned by Formula One bosses, but that is now in doubt – although there are hopes of moving the Australian GP to a new date later in the year, with the new opener likely being the Bahrain Grand Prix on March 28. “In 2020, we proved that we can safely return to racing and we have achieved in March what many thought was impossible. We’ve set our calendar for 2021 and are looking forward to F1’s return this March.” Later this month, an official announcement on the race this year is awaited.


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