Explorers risk their lives into a wasteland within the spooky ‘ghost town’ fairground.


Pleasure Island Family Theme Park became independent of Flamingo Land in May 2010 but closed at the end of 2016 but not everything on its grounds was successfully auctioned off

Urban explorers roaming the inside of an abandoned fairground have revealed eerie pictures of the attraction which has been a ghost town for five years.

Pleasure Island in Cleethorpes, North East Lincolnshire, opened in May 1993 and was a draw for local families and tourists until it closed at the end of the 2016 season.

It is now a shadow of its former self, as these eerie photos from the Abandoned UK Facebook page show boarded-up structures that used to house dodgems and other rides have started to fall apart.

There are many hidden dangers but that has not deterred explorers from creeping onto the site. It has become the second-highest visited destination by them, and they trespass on the expansive site risking their lives, according to Grimsby Live.

The sign for the Dodgems hangs high next to Kiddies’ Cove. Nearby you can almost still hear the screams from the Razzle Dazzle, Ala Kazam, The Obliterator and The Pendulus.

Ali Baba’s Arcade still stands but is empty.

Some reports claim that the last of the items were sold off in October 2018, as the carousel sold for a six-figure sum over two years ago just before going up for auction.

Vast amounts of material which has been recycled. Cleethorpes Light Railway have the track from the site.

The go-kart track is massively overgrown. There is also evidence of fires started deliberately which is a sad legacy for a previously joyful place.

Reports say bulldozers were meant to be hitting the site in June to make way for a Lidl store and a vast 250-eco lodge holiday centre.

Plans also include a hotel and conference centre and food hall.

Abandoned UK posted the eerie images from their exploration of the site in 2019.

Fans reminiscing over their time at the popular family attraction were sad to have seen it disappear.

One commenter said: “Sad to see it like this, I remember when it first opened then, later on, worked there in 2001.

“As most would say it wasn’t the best of theme parks but the kids loved it and made a great day out for them, had some good memories there.”

Another wrote: “Always makes me sad to see abandoned theme parks after it made so many good memories. Camelot looks sorry for. Brinkwire presents summary news.


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