Exeter Chiefs fans’ controversial Native American fancy-dress headdresses may be banned.


Exeter Chiefs fans’ controversial Native American fancy-dress headdresses may be banned.

EXETER CHIEFS supporters who dress up in Native American headdresses for fancy dress may be barred from attending Premiership games.

Wasps are looking at the issues after a supporters group requested that the team consider banning caricature headdresses.

They’ve also urged the RFU and Premiership Rugby to look into the cultural apportionment ahead of Saturday’s game in Coventry.

After receiving backlash, Exeter has already dropped their mascot, the ‘Big Chief.’

“Last year, there was a public focus on professional franchises’ prominent use of appropriated names and iconography, including the Washington Football Team (previously known as the ‘Redskins’ until July 2020),” the Wasps stated in a statement.

“Wearing fake Native American headdresses has the potential to offend others, and it is against our beliefs.”

“However, after consulting with experts on the subject, it is evident that in order to effect significant change, a sport-wide position must be adopted.”

“As a result, we have contacted Premiership Rugby, the RFU, and the RFU’s newly constituted Diversity and Inclusion working group to request that this matter be formally addressed.”

“At this time, we will not issue an arena-wide ban on the wearing of faux Native American costume since one club acting alone has the potential to cause more conflict and doubt.”

“However, we do not endorse the wearing of such goods, discourage supporters from wearing them, and will reconsider our position in the future.”

Exeter failed to get a jersey sponsor for the start of the season last month, with campaigners blaming their poor press for the failure.

Tony Rowe, the club’s owner, then claimed that all of Sandy Park’s sponsors were behind the contentious logo.

However, according to a SunSport inquiry, no one was willing to publicly support their branding.

“We welcome the news that Wasps has asked the Premiership and RFU to tackle the problem of insulting headdresses associated with Exeter Chiefs,” said Exeter Chiefs for Change, who are seeking to abolish what they believe is the club’s racist branding.

“Rugby is one of the most recent sports to address this issue, with numerous American football, baseball, and ice hockey teams banning them in recent years, and Glastonbury and many other festivals forbidding them as early as 2014, despite the fact that the issue itself dates back far further.”

“Headdresses (also known as warbonnets) are ceremonial awards given to people in acknowledgment of certain accomplishments and honors.

“Because Native Americans are made up of over 500 separate nations with their own cultures, languages, and customs, and only a few of them wear headdresses, and each has its unique styles and customs, utilizing a generic headdress as shorthand for all Native Americans… Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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