Exeter 42 Glasgow 0: In the Champions Cup, the Warriors are invaded by the Chiefs and have to lick their wounds


EXTERMINATED would be too strong a word, but Glasgow fought hard but was taught a lesson by the European champions in discipline, pressure and scoring.

The fact that former Glasgow players Jonny Gray and Stuart Hogg scored two of Exeter’s tries could not have gone unnoticed, and their contributions were enjoyed by two other Scotland internationals, Sam Skinner and Sam Hidalgo-Clyne.

Glasgow had moments where they were able to stop the momentum of Exeter, but for 80 minutes they could not generate those moments as they spent most of the game on the defensive due to the penalties they conceded.

It was very disappointing,”It was very disappointing, there have been a couple of those lately that have been frustrating,”there have been a few of those lately that have been frustrating.

In the first half, in the first 30 minutes, we gave up 10 penalties against a team that you’re trying to keep out of your own 22 because, as we did today, you’re killing yourself.

We had 37 percent territory, and you’re not going to challenge the European champions with 37 percent territory and the penalties given away.

We’ve been together for a long time for the first week and we’ve been trying to bring the players back in, but that doesn’t justify the lack of discipline, which is our next week’s task.

“We need to look at how we can strengthen our discipline because we have given away so many penalties in the last two weeks, once against the Dragons and then here against a different group of players.

“We need a better performance next week and maybe we will have some different combinations, George Horne and Richie Gray could be in question. The fact we didn’t get a point today is particularly painful.”

With Matt Fagerson switching to the defensive side and Kiran McDonald coming into the starting lineup, Glasgow flanker Tim Gordon failed a late fitness test, which meant a change in the back row.

As they looked into the stands, the Glasgow players also had a peculiar sensation, because for the first time since their team became English and European champions, there was a crowd at Sandy Park.

There were just 2,000 supporters, but they were determined to have a good reception for their squad.

The double performance was based on forward movement, so when they forced Exeter back and gained a penalty, Glasgow made a simple statement right from the first scrum. The kick from 45 yards by Peter Horne hit the post, but the ball bounced wide.

With Scotland player Jonny Gray at the forefront of these assaults, Exeter’s pack started to run. In an early handball against his former teammates, he was involved and received credit from his new teammates.

By kicking penalties into the corner and attempting from the line-out, the Westerners built most of their success.

Glasgow fended off the first two such attempts but was unable to avoid the third when Sam Simmonds drove over in the middle of the forwards with number 8 and scored the attempt, which Brother Joe expertly turned into the wind.

You know what’s going on with Exeter, but for all the best teams in England and Europe, stopping them has recently proven difficult.

Another line-out, another set of drives and eventually another shot, this time by Scottish lock Gray, who finished from near range and received even more applause from his new teammates. The home side didn’t let up.

As center Sam Johnson was sent to the penalty box for 10 minutes for an improper attempt to get in the way, there was worse news for Glasgow, although they got through the half without scoring any more points.

The half-time address of the team was clear and possibly similar to the one before the match – do not give away penalties that can be kicked into the corner and stand firm against the forwards.

In the second half, perhaps, Exeter’s half-time address was to demonstrate a different hand. They definitely began to strike really hard and Hogg was free after a break from right winger Olly Woodburn and no one could stop him from scoring.

It was a forward turn again for the bonus point try. A kick to the corner again, but the Glasgow team were able to push Exeter into defensive mode this time around.

Unfortunately, with only five yards to go to the trial line, they then threw Exeter hooker Jack Yeandle in the arms.

Exeter followed up shortly after the hour mark with a fifth try. With center Ollie Devoto kicking through and Woodburn picking up the ball and bringing it across the line, this time it was an assault from the back.

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