Ex-Rangers ace namechecks Leigh Griffiths in claims Alfredo Morelos is treated harsher than most after Hibs ‘stamp’


Derek Ferguson reckons Alfredo Morelos’s indiscretions are more harshly dealt with than any other player in the Scottish Premiership.

The former Rangers ace watched the Colombian appear to stamp on Hibs’s Ryan Porteous in their midweek clash and acknowledged the hitman could have seen red for the coming together.

But pointing to other examples where other players, including Celtic’s Leigh Griffiths, have created flashpoints during matches which have eventually been forgotten about, Ferguson believes Morelos is often vilified for his reputation and gets a tougher shake from pundits and the media as well as fans.

Morelos in ban sweat over Porteous stamp

“The thing is, as soon as it’s Morelos, boom, everybody jumps on it,” he said on Open Goal. “I watch loads of games, see other incidents, and it just seems to get pushed to the side. As soon as it’s Morelos, boom.

“I’ll give you one of your players, Griffiths, was it last season on an Aberdeen player? Stamps on him, nothing done. I’m not wanting to pick out Griffiths and have a go, what I’m just saying, I’m giving another example there was an incident and it was pushed aside, nothing happened.

“Morelos last night, boom, everybody is on him like a ton of bricks. But that’s what you get when you play for Rangers.”

El Buffalo faces a ban sweat ahead of this afternoon’s SFA compliance deadline with a panel believed to be ready to view footage of the clash with retrospective punishment a possiblity.

Hibs defender Darren McGregor also faces a similar fate following a clash with Glen Kamara in the same game.


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