Ex-coaches of the Washington Nationals have filed a lawsuit against the team for failing to comply with a vaccination mandate.


Ex-coaches of the Washington Nationals have filed a lawsuit against the team over a vaccine mandate.

According to TMZ Sports, two former Washington Nationals minor league coaches are suing the team for its COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

Lawrence Pardo and Brad Holman, two pitching coaches, filed the lawsuit on Monday, claiming that they did not want to take the vaccine because it was only for religious regions.

For failing to get the vaccine, the two coaches were fired.

The Nationals denied Pardo and Holman’s request for exemptions, according to documents obtained by TMZ Sports.

In August of this year,

Employees who did not have at least one shot by September 10 would be fired, according to the team, which issued the vaccine mandate on June 12.

Pardo and Holman refused to get the vaccine because they believe it was “developed from or tested on aborted fetal cells.” They are now suing for damages, alleging religious discrimination.

The news that two former Nationals coaches are suing the team comes nearly three months after former vice president Bob Boone resigned from the team for refusing to comply with the vaccine mandate.

He’s been with the team since 2005 and works as a consultant for general manager Mike Rizzo.

Aaron Boone, the manager of the New York Yankees, announced in March that he had been vaccinated.

“As a company, we have a responsibility to do everything we can to keep one another safe, and we felt that mandating vaccines was the absolute right thing to do for our employees and our community,” the Nationals said in a statement, according to ESPN. Nationals star player Juan Soto revealed that he received the Pfizer vaccine several weeks ago in an interview with USA Today earlier this month.

He’s now attempting to raise awareness in the Dominican Republic.

“I won’t lie to you, at first, (the vaccines) came out really quickly and people were scared about it,” Soto said.

However, we must trust our doctors at the end of the day.

It’s incredible how good they are and how concerned they are for the community.

We had no choice but to entrust our lives to them.

But, yes, I was a little nervous at first.” Soto went the entire 2021 season without being vaccinated, citing potential fertility issues as a reason for not getting the vaccine.


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