EuroMillions: Here are five ways to increase your chances of winning £184 million if the jackpot is increased.


EuroMillions: Here are five ways to increase your chances of winning £184 million if the jackpot is increased.

The greatest EuroMillions prize in history was up for grabs yesterday, but no one won, meaning there will be another opportunity on Friday. EuroMillions ticket purchasers were left disappointed yesterday after the £184 million jackpot rolled over. Here’s how you may improve your chances of winning.

But there’s good news for those who didn’t buy a ticket: there’s still time to win the record-breaking prize.

The bad news is that the prize has been hit its limit, which means it will not grow any larger.

In 2019, an unknown player won the previous largest EuroMillions jackpot of £170.

On Friday, one lucky person might win the largest prize in EuroMillions history, transforming their life — and, most likely, the lives of everyone around them.

But, how can you improve your odds of becoming the one to collect the funds?

The numbers are selected at random, as we all know, but there are four techniques to improve your odds just a little bit.

The majority of the numbers chosen are under 30. This is due to the fact that people frequently seek out numbers that are meaningful to them. Consider birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions.

Pick some of the larger numbers up to 50 if you want to boost your chances of not having to share the prize.

Dr. John Haigh, an emeritus reader in mathematics at the University of Sussex, explained that picking six numbers at random, with a cumulative sum of at least 200, would result in a smaller reward pool.

The most recent EuroMillions jackpot winning numbers were 06, 13, 22, 45, 49, with Lucky Stars 10, 11.

You could think it’s a good idea to pick these numbers again, but the chances of them coming up exactly the same way are quite slim.

Furthermore, you may not be the only one considering this, which means that if you do win, you’ll be splitting the prize with a lot of people.

Although the number 13 has a bad reputation, don’t think you’re the only one who has chosen it.

When it comes to being chosen, it’s really the ninth most popular number.

If you don’t want to share the prize, pick a number that has a lower probability of being chosen.

You’re considerably less likely to lose a winning ticket if you play online.

EuroMillions has gone unclaimed for more than £6 million in 2021 alone.

Playing online allows you to do so as well. The news is summarized by Brinkwire.


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