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Emotional Danny Chavez pays tribute to best friend who died last month after kicking way to UFC debut win over TJ Brown

DANNY CHAVEZ kicked his way to victory over TJ Brown before dedicating his first UFC win to his late best friend.

The Colombian Warrior narrowly missed a spinning head kick early doors at UFC 252 in Las Vegas but soon dropped his opponent with a low kick on his bow for Dana White’s promotion.

He was forced to eat a right hand before the second as Chavez went straight back to leg kicks.

The 33-year-old was on the receiving end of a head kick, but he answered with a head one of his own before two low ones took Brown off his feet.

Having failed to push for a finish, Brown recovered well and landed a knee before his own takedown was stuffed.

He began landing a number of slick combos until Chavez delivered a devastating right to put Brown down hard.

Brown somehow survived until the third as Chavez went on to land hard body shots and followed that up with another calf kick to the depleted legs of his foe.

Danny Chavez dedicates his UFC debut win to a friend who recently passed away 🙏 #UFC252

He got Chavez to the fence and caught Chavez with some fierce combinations and then struck a one-two but his rival continued to just eat them up.

The one-sided showdown then finished with Chavez completing a takedown and throwing Brown around for the final seconds prior to the judges awarding him the win via unanimous decision.

Afterwards, the star revealed how he had overcome personal tragedy in the build-up to the fight to gain the victory.

Chavez said: “A few weeks ago, one of my best friends passed away.

“I want to dedicate this fight to him, Brian Alonso, and his whole family.

“The Alonso family have been going through a lot and I want to dedicate this fight to one of my best friends.”

He added: “I’ve been training for 14 years for this to happen.

“I’m fighting here, it’s a great experience, a great moment.

“People talk about the jitters when they first get into the octagon for the first time, I didn’t really feel that because I feel like my experience let me come in here and feel comfortable.

“I went against a very experienced guy and I feel great, I have a big supporting group, my team, my teammates, everybody from Latin America and Columbia, I feel amazing.”

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