Emma Raducanu’s return to the spotlight at the US Open will not end in tears, according to Annabel Croft.


Emma Raducanu’s return to the spotlight at the US Open will not end in tears, according to Annabel Croft.

Annabel Croft, a former British No. 1 tennis player, predicts a strong comeback for “exciting talent” Emma Raducanu as she recovers from the setback that terminated her promising Wimbledon career.

Emma Raducanu was one of the most anticipated British competitors at Wimbledon last month, but she departed in tears on July 6. As she fought Australian Ajla Tomljanovic for a spot in the Grand Slam quarter-finals, the 18-year-old dropped out due to “difficulty breathing.” But the setback didn’t keep Annabel Croft down for long, and she believes she’s ready to reclaim her well-deserved top rank.

Raducanu spent her time at the US Open cultivating wins after her stunning withdrawal.

In the second qualifying round, she defeated Mariam Bolkvadze, a 23-year-old Georgian, 6-3, 7-5.

Croft, who spoke at the premiere of Amazon Prime’s US Open coverage this year, believes Raducanu has found her stride.

Although she will be up against Egyptian Mayar Sherif, Wimbledon and the WTA Tour have prepared her well.

She told Tennis365 that Raducanu’s “stir” is still going strong.

“People know who she is, and she is creating a bit of an aura around here as people talk about Emma,” Croft continued.

She credited Raducanu’s athletic prowess, talent, and mental toughness for her achievement.

Croft noted that now that she had two matches under her belt, the next stage is “going onto the major circuit and adapting to that.”

Raducanu, she added, might alleviate some of the burden by distributing “lower-ranked tournaments” among the competitions.

Time away from the cameras helped the former No. 1 – who won the WTA Tour for Great Britain in 1985 – focus on her game, and she believes Raducanu will benefit from it as well.

“Playing away from the spotlight in the UK could help her, and I know that was something I enjoyed doing in my playing career,” she said.

“As a British player at Wimbledon, there are a lot of eyes on you, and being away from that attention might help you focus on your game.”

During her Wimbledon match, Raducanu retired one set and 3-0 behind, clutching her stomach and plainly battling for breath.

During the break, she received medical assistance and was later taken away for an examination.

She had not dropped a single set in the competition at the moment.

She told the physicians at the BBC. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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