EFL clubs are grappling with the Covid guidelines: players should turn up for jersey training


The steps are exactly the same as those taken during the first outbreak, except if they breach the current rules, clubs face an increased risk of being punished.

Dressing rooms and canteens must be closed, sports halls and other indoor spaces can only be used if they are well ventilated, and clubs have been required to use separate or multiple vehicles to drive to matches. The EFL has tightened its current coronavirus protocols (Nigel French/PA) Although individual circumstances have prevented the EFL from posing the new protocols as universally unbreakable, including the financial effect of unnecessary shipments, the PA news agency expects it to take tougher action against affected clubs that violate its guidelines. Any postponement of matches due to the corona virus will be subject to the league’s individual investigation, with penalties or deductions of points looming if it is determined that clubs have had inadequate cause to cancel matches or have broken best practice. Doncaster’s match against Fleetwood was one of seven League One matches postponed on Tuesday alone (Zac Goodwin/PA). There are ongoing individual inquiries into postponements of matches due to the coronavirus, but several clubs have expressed concern about the pressure to play their matches. After five players were affected by the virus, Rotherham postponed two games over Christmas, but manager Paul Warne said they felt compelled to play Tuesday’s game against Barnsley, for which they named just six players on the bench. Warne said before the game that Rotherham lost 2-1, “I was advised that there would be retribution if we didn’t play the game because I was acting against medical advice.EFL clubs are struggling to adapt to the new coronavirus protocols (Zac Goodwin/PA) ” There was a fine with the prospect of a deduction of points, which I don’t want to hang over our heads. “Warne said he felt he had a duty to play the game. “Warne returned to the subject in a press conference ahead of the game against Cardiff on Saturday and offered an insight into the issues facing EFL clubs as they come to terms with the newly tightened guidelines. “The EFL rules have changed again so we now have to go to every game with three buses,” Warne said. “No one is allowed in the gym, no indoor stuff, (and) the guys have to take their jerseys home and come to practice in them.”


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