Eddie Irvine insulted Lewis Hamilton on social media with a photo of James Hunt.


Eddie Irvine insulted Lewis Hamilton on social media with a photo of James Hunt.

Eddie Irvine has ridiculed Lewis Hamilton’s wardrobe sense on social media.

Lewis Hamilton is a seven-time world champion with his own clothing line, but his sense of style does not impress everyone. None more so than former Formula One driver Eddie Irvine, who has mercilessly mocked Hamilton’s fondness of showy clothing on Instagram. To emphasize how clothes have developed in the sport, he uploaded a meme with two photographs, one titled “F1 drivers in 1976” and the other “F1 drivers in 2021.”

James Hunt, then world champion, is depicted in a grey jumpsuit, clutching a race helmet under one arm and wrapping the other over a scantily clad girl, circa 1976.

Hamilton, 36, is dressed in a multi-colored checkered coat over what appear to be leopard print shorts, and his boots have big green laces.

Irvine, 55, threw in six laughing emojis for good measure to emphasize how he feels about Hamilton’s fashion sense.

Eddie Irvine (@eddieirvineofficial) shared a post.

However, despite the fact that the post has received over 9,000 likes and a considerable number of responses echoing Irvine’s ridicule, there has been a mixed response.

“Why so much hatred in your heart for Hamilton, jealously kills elderly people,” one fan mocked Irvine, while another said, “Eddie Irvine, one of the best F1 drivers in history, said NO ONE EVER.”

Some mocked Irvine’s fashion sense, with one remarking, “You don’t have mirrors evidently.”

Irvine was known for his lavish lifestyle in Formula One, and he was regularly referred to as a playboy in the same vein as Hunt, who died of a heart attack at the age of 45 in 1993.

Irvine, on the other hand, was a staunch opponent of the notion, even claiming that 90 percent of his life was spent working. His career high came in 1999, when he drove for Ferrari and finished second to Mika Hakkinen in the Drivers’ Championship by just two points, but helped his team win their first Constructors’ title in 16 years.

Hamilton, on the other hand, will almost certainly continue to integrate his fashion interests with his Formula One career.

In 2018, the Mercedes driver switched from the pitlane to the catwalk to organize his own fashion show for his own clothing line, collaborating with Tommy Hilfiger of the United States. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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