Eddie Hearn responds to Bob Arum’s allegation that the Anthony Joshua-Tyson Fury matchup is “dead.”


Eddie Hearn responds to Bob Arum’s allegation that the Anthony Joshua-Tyson Fury matchup is “dead.”

Eddie Hearn, Anthony Joshua’s promoter, has responded to Bob Arum’s accusation that the heavyweight match has been canceled.

Bob Arum’s assertions that Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury’s heavyweight unification match is off have been debunked by Eddie Hearn. Fury’s promoter, Bob Arum, had stated that a fight deal had been thrown out and that the WBC champion would no longer be waiting for it to be finalized.

Fury, 32, had previously stated that he will fight Joshua in two fights, the first of which is set to take place in Saudi Arabia this July.

Later this year, a rematch would be staged in Britain, with the winner of the first fight receiving the larger purse from the rematch.

However, because to numerous worldwide constraints, planning the bout has grown problematic during the coronavirus pandemic.

Joshua’s promoter, Hearn, has rebutted Arum’s assertion, claiming that a deal will be reached within the next few days.

Following his declaration that the fight was “dead in the water,” he accused the 89-year-old Arum of letting his ego get in the way of a contract.

“Fury is here, and he wants to fight. Hearn asserted today, “Fury’s lawyer is well aware that this agreement is done.”

“Don’t get me wrong: if we were having this conversation next week, I’d be concerned, but we’ve been here before, so I’m not.

“We’ve made a pledge. For me, it’s a foregone conclusion.

“A lot of it is him putting the strain on himself because he is under pressure to provide a fight for Fury, and the other element is ego.

“Maybe he doesn’t want me to receive the honor since he tried to negotiate that deal with the Middle East for Manny Pacquiao and Terence Crawford that fell through. I’m not sure.

“We’ve spoken with Tyson Fury’s attorneys, and they’re on board. I’m confident about our current position.

“The difficulty is that I’m waiting for the final version [of the site agreement].” The contract has been confirmed in writing, and everything has been approved verbally and in writing.

“However, we must put up a long-form agreement, which is a massive and complicated undertaking. That took four or five days longer than I had anticipated.

“For the time being, I’m not concerned, but if.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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