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Eddie Hearn fears Dillian Whyte will attack Alexander Povetkin at Fight Camp hotel

Eddie Hearn has dramatically revealed his fears that Dillian Whyte will attack Alexander Povetkin at their Fight Camp hotel before the duo clash later this month.

The two heavyweight stars will meet on August 22 at Matchroom HQ in Brentwood – but alarm has been raised during the build-up due to all fighters taking part in the event having to quarantine in the same location. 

And promoter Hearn has claimed he will have to find Whyte accommodation outside the hotel to prevent an unsavoury flare-up in tensions between both big names.

The ‘bubble’ that fighters will have to remain in during their time at Fight Camp is situated a mile away from the Matchroom mansion. A series of coronavirus tests are carried out, with boxers, teams and organisers then having to isolate.

Hearn has described Whyte as being ‘unpleasant’ during fight week, and believes he may come to blows with Povetkin due to both staying in rooms on the same floor.

He told Sky Sports: ‘No criticism of the fighters, but we’re talking about undisputed champions. We’re talking about number one ranked heavyweights. We’re talking about Olympic gold medallists. 

‘And all of sudden the setup changes completely and having spoken to Dillian Whyte I have to raise concerns to the British Boxing Board of Control about people like – and this is my main concern – Dillian Whyte and Alexander Povetkin being in the same hotel. 

‘Because the issue is not just they’re in the same hotel on different floors, they’re on the same floor. They’re on the same corridor. If Dillian Whyte bumps into Alexander Povetkin in the corridor, or out here on the grass, we can’t be responsible for the consequences.’

Placing Whyte in a trailer near to the hotel has been mooted as a potential idea to prevent both fighters from squaring up before they set foot inside the Fight Camp ring.

And, such is the extent of Hearn’s concern, the Matchroom supremo admitted he will also contact the British Boxing Board of Control. 

He added: ‘I spoke to Dillian Whyte earlier, we’re talking about potentially hiring a Winnebago for him to live in, in a secluded area, quarantined off, attached to the hotel. 

‘Bit quirky I know, but I’m struggling to find another solution. We’ve got these regulations and responsibilities in place in terms of quarantine and testing, but we also have a big concern that everybody is on top of each other.   

‘You can’t ignore people, you can’t stay away from people. And Dillian Whyte in fight week is not a pleasant individual, to be honest with you. So for the safety of the event I would like to find a way to segregate Whyte and Povetkin for next week.’ 

Whyte will fight for the first time since December when he takes on Povetkin for the WBC interim-heavyweight title at the Essex-based showpiece.

The whole event will cost Hearn around £5million, and has been used as an innovative alternative to allow fighters to compete safely during the current pandemic. 

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