Ed Woodward, the United manager, ‘has texts and an email’ that will worry the Glazers.


Ed Woodward, the United manager, has ‘texts and an email’ that will worry the Glazers.

Ed Woodward, the manager of Manchester United, is set to leave the club on February 1.

According to reports, Manchester United CEO Ed Woodward has texts and an email to back up his claim that the European Super League was not his idea.

After nine years as executive vice-chairman, the 50-year-old will step down on February 1st.

Richard Arnold will succeed him as the club’s president and CEO.

United was one of the clubs who attempted to form a new European Super League back in April, and the footballing world was rocked by the news.

While they were not the only ones to blame – Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur, Real Madrid, and Barcelona were also involved – Old Trafford received a lot of flak.

The Glazers were thrust into the limelight, and the Americans were forced to dodge questions in the aftermath.

Fans voiced their displeasure, leading to the cancellation of a match against Liverpool after fans managed to breach stadium security.

When news of the European Super League broke, Woodward resigned from his position, leading some to believe he’d fallen on his own sword.

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The 50-year-old, however, has a different account of events, according to the Daily Mail.

Woodward claims he decided to resign the previous Sunday after learning the night before that plans for a new division were moving forward.

He seemed to turn to his wife and express his surprise and shock at the plan’s execution.

Woodward reportedly told United that he couldn’t be a part of any decision to support the plan, and he insists that he chose to resign before the Glazers abandoned it.

He is well aware that not everyone will accept his version of events.


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Woodward, on the other hand, is said to be “confident” that an email and messages on his phone would support his claim.

If they ever get out, the Glazers will almost certainly be in more trouble.

They were able to hide behind Woodward, who took the brunt of the blame when the European Super League plot came to light.

However, if they were to be revealed, it would almost certainly increase the level of scrutiny surrounding their campaign.

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