During the Tomljanovic vs. Raducanu match at Wimbledon, Emma Raducanu dashes from the court in dramatic scenes.


During the Tomljanovic vs. Raducanu match at Wimbledon, Emma Raducanu dashes from the court in dramatic scenes.

In her Wimbledon match against Ajla Tomljanovic, Emma Raducanu was accompanied by two medical personnel.

Emma Raducanu had to withdraw from her fourth-round match against Ajla Tomljanovic at Wimbledon. Raducanu had already won millions of hearts as he reached the fourth round of Wimbledon.

And she was up against Tomljanovic, a player with a considerably higher ranking than her, for a spot in the quarter-finals.

In the first set, though, the 18-year-old went toe-to-toe with the Australian, with the Court One crowd on her side.

She had a few break-point chances as well, but Tomljanovic remained firm when it mattered the most.

The first set appeared to be headed for a tiebreak, but Tomljanovic broke while Raducanu was serving to keep the set alive.

Raducanu was in difficulty after dropping her first set at Wimbledon, with the 28-year-old demonstrating her experience.

In the second set, it was clear that Raducanu was suffering from some sort of illness.

She would retire to her corner, where her towel was, between each point to try to gather herself.

She tried to fight on, but Tomljanovic was unflappable and took the set early.

Raducanu continued to scream in anguish, then she surprisingly broke back, but she couldn’t make it stick.

After that game, the medical crew was on standby for the change of ends and were summoned to Raducanu’s chair.

One of the medics was observed sitting next to Raducanu with a stethoscope on her back.

And it became clear that she needed to leave the courtroom to get additional medical help.

With Tomljanovic waiting on the court for Raducanu’s comeback, it wasn’t immediately evident what the problem was for Raducanu.

However, a doctor returns a few minutes later to advise the umpire that Raducanu would not be able to return.

The Court One audience let out a collective gasp, as everyone was unsure how to react to the news.

Tomljanovic was given a walkover for the game, but she made sure to thank Raducanu in her post-game interview.

She stated, “I’m truly startled because Emma must feel hurt if she decided to retire.”

“I’m very sorry for her; I wish we could have ended it together. I wish her the best of luck.

“I believed I had discovered mine.” Brinkwire Summary News


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