During the title fight between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, F1 fans were chastised for their “scary reaction.”


During the title fight between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, F1 fans were chastised for their “scary reaction.”

FANS abused Nicholas Latifi on social media after his crash triggered the contentious end to the thrilling 2021 season, and now an ex-F1 commentator has slammed fans for their reactions to certain events.

Alexey Popov, a former Formula One commentator, has openly chastised fans for their’scary’ and ‘disappointing’ reactions during the 2021 season.

In dramatic circumstances, Max Verstappen won his first championship, depriving Lewis Hamilton of a record-breaking eighth world title in Abu Dhabi.

The bitter title rivals were remarkably even on points heading into the Yas Marina finale, but the Brit was on his way to an unprecedented eighth world title.

However, on the final lap of the season, the Dutchman controversially passed the seven-time world champion, who had led for much of the race and even had an 11-second lead near the end, as a late safety car and tyre change swung momentum in his favor.

The 24-year-old snuck past Hamilton early in the lap and then held his nerve to prevent the Briton from passing him.

Following the race, Mercedes was enraged, directing their rage at FIA race director Michael Masi, who had initially decided not to allow cars to unlap themselves, as is customary, only to reverse his decision to set up the final lap showdown between Hamilton and Verstappen.

It sparked widespread outrage online, with many fans vehemently disagreeing with the decision, believing Hamilton had been robbed of his place in history.

Journalist Popov was dissatisfied with how Formula One fans reacted to the results over the last month.

In an interview with Championat.com, Popov, who is known as Russia’s voice of Formula One, said, “I am very disappointed with the way Formula 1 fans react to news nowadays.”

“On my YouTube channel, a video with the headline ‘Max quits?’ had almost the most views this year. It was just a reaction to people starting to hype the story – supposedly Max said he was leaving.

“All I did was tell him he wasn’t going anywhere.”

However, the fact remains that such things attract people.

“And what was the story? When I began to untangle the web, I discovered the original interview: it was on a BBC podcast.”

I gave it a second listen.

It’s a to distort someone’s words to such an extent.

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