During the odd Hungarian Grand Prix restart, Lewis Hamilton was the only vehicle racing.


During the odd Hungarian Grand Prix restart, Lewis Hamilton was the only vehicle racing.

At the Hungarian Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton was the sole driver competing.

As the Hungarian Grand Prix devolved into weird circumstances following a huge incident caused by Valtteri Bottas, Lewis Hamilton was the sole vehicle racing. The Finn rammed Lando Norris in the back, sending him spearing Max Verstappen. As a result of the accident, four cars had to be sent to the sidelines.

While the race was paused, the red flags were raised and all vehicles were summoned to the pits.

During the subsequent foundation lap, however, heavy rain began to fall, prompting all of the cars except Hamilton to pit again.

When the race resumed, the seven-time world champion was the lone car on the course.

That proved to be a huge mistake, as he was forced to pit on the next lap, dropping him to the bottom of the race.

When Hamilton rejoined the race in 14th place, he had to fight his way through the field.

He said over the team radio, “I don’t know what to say, fellas.” “I can’t seem to become close to anyone.”

Meanwhile, an enraged Norris slammed Bottas when his race was called off early.

Norris stated, “If I receive a penalty for not even doing anything wrong on previous tracks, he should get a far harsher penalty than what I got.”

“We’ll see,” says the narrator. I hope they use their common sense and do the right thing, but at the end of the day, it’s not up to me.”

Perez, a Red Bull athlete, was equally irritated.

Perez added, “It’s such a shame because I was already in third position.”

“I outbraked the McLaren and believed I was comfortably ahead, then Bottas made a huge error and really killed our race.

“I can’t think of anything else to say. Everything has come to an end. The engine has been harmed. He slammed his face on the radiator.”

The first to criticize Bottas was Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc, who wrote on Twitter: “Nice bowling game. It’s so aggravating.”


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