During his US Open loss to Roberto Bautista Agut, Nick Kyrgios had a breakdown over towels.


During his US Open loss to Roberto Bautista Agut, Nick Kyrgios had a breakdown over towels.

In New York, Nick Kyrgios was furious after losing in straight sets to the 18th seed.

During his first-round loss against Roberto Bautista Agut at the US Open, Nick Kyrgios got into a dispute with the umpire. As he suffered his worst loss at Grand Slam level, the controversial Australian continued to rage over the location of his towel on the court. Kyrgios was defeated 6-3, 6-4, 6-0 by the 18th seed in just an hour and 48 minutes.

Kyrgios was matched up against 18th seed Bautista Agut in the first round of what was only his eighth international tournament since the outbreak began.

The Australian has a history of stepping up and causing problems for big players, even in the early stages of Grand Slams, but he was unable to stay competitive and suffered his worst loss at Slam level in terms of games won.

The match became centered around Kyrgios’ own outbursts rather than the tennis itself, as is typically the case with him.

The 26-year-old was irritated by his towel’s placement on the court, and he continued to yell at chair umpire Carlos Bernardes about it throughout the match.

Kyrgios was instructed to lay his towel in the boxes at the back wall of the court after the first three games of the match.

“It’s f***ing like 70 degrees out here buddy, like I don’t want to walk back and forth, back and forth,” the Aussie retorted, playing in the sweltering New York night. How many additional steps does that entail? That’s ridiculous.”

Throughout the match, he proceeded to slam Bernardes, arguing with him between changeovers and calling the towel issue a “f***ing farce.”

The world No.86 was also irritated when he noticed the umpire drinking water before he could fetch a new bottle.

Despite the fact that Kyrgios appeared to be having a breakdown over a little issue, he later claimed that his issue was due to a lack of vaccinations among players on tour.

He remarked, “Look, the towel problem for me is extremely dumb.” “I’m one of the few players on the Tour who has had all of my vaccinations. And right now, I’m being treated the same as a player who hasn’t been vaccinated. “Brinkwire Summary News,” I’m thinking.


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