During an Indonesian public whipping for extramarital sex, a woman passes out.


During an Indonesian public whipping for extramarital sex, a woman passes out.

The woman sank to the ground in anguish as she was whipped with a rattan cane for breaking an Indonesian province’s ultra harsh extramarital sex laws.

Pictures from the Indonesian city of Banda Aceh show a lady collapsing in misery following a harsh Sharia penalty for having sex outside of marriage.

Along with her partner, the nameless woman was sentenced to 17 lash strokes.

The punishment was administered by an official, or Algojo, who wore a head-to-toe brown cloak and a domino-style mask to conceal their identity.

The woman was flogged with a bamboo cane while dressed in traditional Islamic garb. As the punishment is carried out, pictures show her sinking to the ground in anguish.

At the same time, her spouse was flogged, brazenly glaring out into the audience as the cane rose and fell.

Aceh is Indonesia’s sole province that follows Sharia law, which is based on an extreme interpretation of Islam’s sacred book, the Quran.

The harshest sentences, such as those for homosexuality, can result in up to 150 lashes. Victims frequently pass out during or after their sentencing and must be hospitalized.

The local administration announced in 2018 that it will stop its program of public flogging and that future floggings would take place in prisons instead. Despite this guarantee, according to the Daily Mail, the frequency of public floggings and canings has increased.

In June of last year, during a public flogging in Aceh, a man collapsed after a hundred-stroke whipping.

The man who had broken the region’s ultra-strict Sharia norms on premarital sex passed out halfway through a horrific 100-lash caning and had to be revived by medics before the penalty could be completed.

Before passing out, the 22-year-old guy begged a masked Sharia officer to stop slapping his back with a rattan cane.

The prisoner was revived and given some medical attention before continuing to be flogged. Later, he was taken to a neighboring hospital for treatment.

Female transgressors will be subjected to flogging by an elite all-female flogging squad.

The eight-woman team was taught proper flogging techniques and given advice on how to avoid lasting harm.

Zakwan, the senior investigator of the Sharia police in Banda Aceh, said: “We put them through training to ensure they’re physically strong and to teach them how to whip properly.

“It’s a form of indoctrination that we impart to them in order for them to gain a better grasp of the situation. The news is summarized by Brinkwire.


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