During a scuffle with Nice fans, three Marseille players were hurt, with Luan Peres being “strangled.”


During a scuffle with Nice fans, three Marseille players were hurt, with Luan Peres being “strangled.”

Hundreds of supporters stormed the pitch in Nice to confront players, causing a ruckus.

According to accounts, three Marseille players were hurt as a result of an enraged Nice fan’s pitch invasion on Sunday night. Nice led Marseille by a small margin entering into the final phases of the contest.

However, in the 75th minute, the game descended into mayhem as some Nice fans overstepped their bounds.

A bottle from the crowd struck Dimitri Payet in the back, according to video evidence.

He collapsed in pain before leaping to his feet in rage, apparently flinging it back into the enraged audience.

Immediately, dozens of Nice fans rushed down to the pitch to confront the Marseille star.

Players from both teams quickly moved to the scene of the ruckus, with a mix of those attempting to calm the situation and those who did not.

Inside the stadium, security fought to keep Nice fans from breaking through the barrier and approaching the players.

Dante, the Nice captain, was seen attempting to get the fans off the field and back into the stands.

However, there were still some who got too close to the Marseille players, and it looks that some were injured as a result.

Payet was left ‘shocked’ after being hit by the bottle, according to RMC Sport.

Luan Peres and Matteo Guendouzi have both been photographed with harsh marks on their necks.

It took a few minutes for all of the players to leave the field and return to the locker rooms.

The match was formally called off, and Marseille president Pablo Longoria made it clear in the tunnel that his players would not be allowed to return to the field.

Longoria is believed to have frequently stated, “We are not being played.”

Nice players had returned to the tunnel more than 45 minutes after the game had been delayed, anticipating a resumption.


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