‘Don’t get cross with me,’ BBC Breakfast’s Dan Walker begs Sally Nugent.


‘Don’t get cross with me,’ BBC Breakfast’s Dan Walker begs Sally Nugent.

After covering a story about a Japanese princess who was giving up her regal position for marriage, Dan Walker was worried that co-host Sally Nugent would scold him.

As they reviewed a story about a Japanese princess who stood down from royalty for true love, BBC Breakfast’s Dan Walker pleaded with co-host Sally Nugent not to “get upset” with him.

Dan carefully asked Sally her thoughts on the topic after displaying footage of the wedding ceremony.

“The proceedings were very low-key. She declined a rather substantial payment that is generally given to women who leave Japan’s imperial family. There was no ceremony, no reception dinner, and she also declined a rather large payment that is normally given to ladies who leave Japan’s imperial home. What are your thoughts about it?” He quickly backtracked as Sally gazed at him: “Don’t get – you mustn’t get cross with me!” Sally responded, “I’m with you! No, I’m not angry with you; I’m angry with you because you’re a male “, but her tone and facial expression implied otherwise.

“Shouldn’t she be able to marry anyone she wants and still be a princess?” she wondered.

“She should be able to marry whom she wants and still be a princess!” Dan answered. “Yes!” said Sally emphatically. “Every time I bring up that topic, I get the feeling you’re staring at me as if I’m entirely to blame!” Dan charged.

“I’m not!” exclaims the speaker. Sally was adamant. She inquired, eager to move things along: “I’m curious as to what people are thinking at home, but it was very quiet, wasn’t it? She must adore him tremendously.” Dan changed his mind and decided to ask another question: “Here’s a question for you: Would you give it up if I told you you weren’t a princess? You’re a princess, right? “He took a step back.

“Yes, you already know that,” Sally joked.

Dan inquired, “Would you give up everything for the love of your life?”

“Totally. In the blink of an eye. Wouldn’t you agree? “she retorted

Dan, fearful of sticking his foot in it again, replied: “Yes, indeed! Yes is the correct response. I didn’t even consider it for a moment. I’d do it without a doubt!” He chuckled softly, as if he had been forced to utter it.

Dan went to Carol Kirkwood, desperate to stop digging, and asked for an update so he could stop fidgeting.

They were discussing Princess Mako of Akishino’s wedding to her non-royal boyfriend, Kei Komuro, who had been their college sweetheart.

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