DeVonta Smith of Alabama becomes the first recipient in 29 years to win Heismanan


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DeVonta Smith proved to be the best player in college football on a star-studded Alabama team. Megan Rapinoe celebrates the hurdle of Najee Harris over Notre Dame defenderRead moreSmith became the first large winner to win the Heisman Trophy Tuesday night in 29 seasons, shattering the hegemony of quarterbacks on the most coveted honor in college football by edging three of them out. Smith earned 447 first-place votes and 1,856 points, far outstripping Trevor Lawrence of Clemson (222, 1,187), Mac Jones of Alabama (138, 1,130) and Kyle Traskk of Florida (61, 737). The senior Crimson Tide is the fourth winner to win the Heisman, following Desmond Howard of Michigan in 1991, Tim Brown of Notre Dame in 1987 and Johnny Rodgers of Nebraska in 1972. Seventeen of the 20 previous Heisman trophies have been won by quarterbacks, including the last four. Since 2009, Smith has been the third Alabama player to win the Heisman.

Smith will play in the National Championship Game as a Heisman recipient, much like Tide running backs Mark Ingram (’09) and Derrick Henry (2015). 1 In the College Football Playoff championship game in Miami Gardens, Florida, Alabama would face No. 3 Ohio State on Jan. 11. Heisman’s vote closed on Dec. 21, but playoff success didn’t matter.

However, with a brilliant three-touchdown game against Notre Dame in the CFP semifinals last weekend, Smith made those who helped him feel good. Smith reached the final game of his college career with 105 catches for 1,641 yards and 22 total touchdowns – which will also be his third National Championship Game. Smith earned a spot as a freshman in Alabama history when he caught Tua Tagovailoa’s game-winning 41-yard touchdown pass in overtime against Georgia that clinched the Tide’s 2017 national championship. Smith was often the underrated star in the promising receiver class of the Tide over the next two seasons, which also featured All-American Jerry Jeudy and Henry Ruggs.

Both players chose to sit out and join the draft in their final seasons.

To graduate, Smith returned to school to form an explosive combination for the Tide with junior Jaylen Waddle. Then on Oct. 24, Waddle went down with a season-ending leg injury, and Smith shone as the undisputed No. 1 beneficiary of the Tide. Smith had 11 catches for 204 yards and four touchdowns against Mississippi State in the week following Waddle’s absence. Smith’s one-handed TD grab against LSU was not just his hallmark, but also one of the best of the 2020 season. Smith, a former four-star prospect from Amite, Louisiana, came from LSU’s backyard to Tuscaloosa and disappointed many home town fans of the Tigers. As a freshman, he had only seven catches, and although he scored the winning touchdown in the national title game, the story of the game was the guy who threw it. For the next two years, Tagovailoa was Alabama’s Heisman candidate. Last year as a sophomore, the low-key Smith led the Tide in catches and yards and was named to the All-American second team. Smitty did not emerge this season as a Hesiman nominee until Waddle was out, as teammates and coaches call him. Smith went on a four-game streak starting with the game against Mississippi State with 35 catches for 749 yards and 11 touchdowns that created another nickname for the 6-foot-4, 175-pound technician: “Slim Reaper.” Ohio State viral issues reports trigger CFP delayCollege football playoff executive director Bill Hancock said Tuesday that the national championship game between A on Monday night. College football reckons with its troublesome traditions from ‘Roll Tide’ to ‘Gator Bait’ Read reported that Ohio State had been in touch with CFP officials about potential problems with player availability that could lead to a game delay. Those conversations were reported by an individual familiar with the situation to the Associated Press, who spoke on condition of anonymity because no one was permitted to talk openly about the information. In a tweet, Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith said the Buckeyes are going to follow the same procedures they have all season. Athletic Depa, Ohio State


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