Despite Tyson Fury’s KO, Anthony Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn compliments Deontay Wilder.


Despite Wilder’s loss to Fury in the thrilling trilogy fight in Las Vegas, Hearn was full of praise for the American.

Eddie Hearn has heaped praise upon Deontay Wilder for his role in one of the most thrilling boxing encounters in recent memory despite losing to Tyson Fury in Las Vegas. The Bronze Bomber knocked his opponent down twice in the fourth round and looked set to win at one point, but he started being dominated by the Briton as he tired.

Nevertheless, Wilder stuck it out for several more rounds despite looking dead on his feet, withstanding blow after blow from Fury and managing to get in some hits of his own.

Eventually a huge right hook from the Briton in the 11th round proved too much, and the referee called an end to the fight with Wilder on the canvas and Fury stood showboating on the ropes.

The American had been criticised heading into this bout for repeated unsubstantiated claims that Fury had cheated in their second meeting, and refusing to accept defeat the last time he faced the Gypsy King in the ring.

But Anthony Joshua’s promoter Hearn says Wilder has helped his reputation no end with his battling performance in Las Vegas on Saturday night.

“His credibility was on the floor before Saturday. He got absolutely hammered in the last fight and he was full of excuses,” Hearn told iFL TV.

“His credibility was shot to pieces. Now I think it’s gone through the roof because although his tank was empty, he stuck in there.

“In any normal situation, I feel the corner would have pulled him out. But he deserves credit. He’s got bottle.

“I still think he’s in a good position. Wilder shouldn’t be disheartened because Fury is a brilliant fighter.

“But I don’t know how much he’s going to want it after that. I just think Fury’s got his number and absolutely terrorised him mentally.”

Hearn went on to say that the slugfest was “all over the shop” in terms of technique from both fighters, but added: “The drama was unbelievable.

“Massive credit to both fighters. Wilder looked hypnotised before the fight and after two rounds he almost couldn’t stand up.

“He started quite well but he looked petrified and exhausted before the fight even started. After three rounds he couldn’t stand up and I thought. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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