Despite Nicola Sturgeon raising concerns, SFA won’t investigate Celtic’s trip to Dubai


Despite calls from First Minister Nicola Sturgeon to investigate the training camp, the SFA will not investigate Celtic’s trip to Dubai.

In comparison to preparation, the First Minister said she had seen evidence to indicate the team’s trip was for “R and R”.

At Tuesday’s daily coronavirus briefing, she was asked about the Glasgow team’s visit to the Middle East.

Celtic insist they did nothing wrong and the trip was negotiated with the Scottish Government beforehand.

Travel is approved for “substantial reasons” only and the Scottish government has asked the Scottish Football Association (SFA) to further investigate the matter.

“Ms Sturgeon said, “As I understand it, in November of last year, the Scottish Government had already given guidance to the SFA on the rules concerning elite training camps.

“The world around the pandemic has changed quite a bit since November.”


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