Davina McCall’s’save our BBC’ appeal before a charity event has enraged fans.


Davina McCall’s’save our BBC’ appeal before a charity event has enraged fans.

When TV personality Davina McCall asked people to sign a divisive’save our BBC’ petition last year, she was attacked by angry Twitter users.

Last year, Davina McCall enraged Twitter users by pleading with them to “rescue our BBC” on the social media platform.

She enlisted the aid of her 2.7 million followers, asking them to sign a petition requesting Boris Johnson and his party to “end the political onslaught on our BBC.”

“I’ve just joined the petition calling on Boris Johnson to end his attack on the BBC,” she wrote. It’s a thinly veiled evasion of responsibility. Please sign and spread this petition today.”

Angry followers raced to the comments section to express their displeasure.

One snarled: “It isn’t “my” BBC. It’s cr*p, and it employs pompous left-wing wokes who are overpaid and overpriced.” “Here we go!” exclaimed a second. Celebrities securing their big fat paychecks… f*** off, McCall!” “I want celebrity culture abolished along with the BBC,” a third swooped in, enraged. Privileged people like her speak exclusively for the BBC’s white middle-class liberals and ‘woke’ types.” Despite the outrage to her comments, the 53-year-old co-hosted the Channel 4 show Stand Up To Cancer on Friday night.

A host of celebrity visitors, including Olivia Colman, The Jonas Brothers, Usain Bolt, and Liam Gallagher, were promised a flashy night of fun.

Davina, together with Alan Carr, Maya Jama, and Adam Hills, hosted the yearly show.

Stand Up To Cancer is a countrywide fundraising initiative spearheaded by Channel 4 and Cancer Research UK.

Its goal is to gather much-needed funding to combat cancer, one of the UK’s leading causes of death, and it has already raised £84 million and sponsored 59 clinical trials.

Davina spent much of her career on Channel 4, and she is arguably best known for hosting the hit reality show Big Brother for ten years from 2000 to 2010.

Her tenure as a judge on ITV’s music competition series The Masked Singer and its spin-off The Masked Dancer has been particularly well received by fans.

The Wimbledon native is no stranger to charitable work, having co-hosted the BBC’s Comic Relief telethons from 2005 to 2015.

One of the main reasons for Davina’s controversial’save our BBC’ campaign last year could have been her ties to the UK’s national broadcaster.

Despite the indignation that the plea elicited, the. The news is summarized by Brinkwire.


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