Danny Whitehall on Kilmarnock’s latest deal and Troon beach volleyball


DANNY WHITEHALL hopes his midweek goal against Motherwell will be enough to win a new Kilmarnock deal and give his fiancée the opportunity to play volleyball again at Troon beach.

The striker and his American partner love Ayrshire, but after settling on and off the soccer pitch, with his contract expiring this month, they are eager to stay for a while.

And Whitehall has revealed that he’s not the only family member with a sporting interest in the area.

Whitehall said, “I think [the goal]comes at a good time because my contract is up,” Perhaps it was part of the coach’s evaluation to let me play – to see whether or not I was worth it.

“But it’s less about me after this success and more about the squad. What we wanted were three points.

There is really nothing very definite. I think it’s going to start or something like that on January 10. I’d be really interested in figuring that out. It depends on the coach and the board members. It depends on the coach and the people on the board.

But I’m very glad that my fiancée (Jillianne Bax) has come from America to live here with me. In Kilmarnock, we like it and if we visit, we stay. If we’re going someplace else, so be it.

She’s from Nebraska. When I was there on my scholarship, I met her. She was on the volleyball team. I think it was helped by the English accent.

Here, she met a volleyball team and played a little bit for them at Troon Beach. She was one of the players who was stronger. But sadly, because of the whole thing about Covid, she didn’t have an indoor season, so that didn’t happen.

“To be fair, that wasn’t easy for her. So I owe her that in the long run.

“I said that if I wasn’t playing soccer, I would be back in America with her. So when we’re done here, I think we’ll travel back and live there when we’re older.

“But for now, we’d like to stay here, she really likes it too, and if we can stay longer, so be it.”

Whitehall hopes to prove his worth again when Killie takes on St Mirren at Rugby Park today, with the aim of securing a contract extension and then a regular place in the side.

“It’s been a bit frustrating for me,” he said. “Everyone wants to play, and the coach picks the team he thinks is best for the game at hand.

“Luckily he had my name in mind for the Motherwell game and it was nice to be in the starting eleven and score a goal and contribute to the win.”


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