Daniel Ricciardo comments on the wheel-to-wheel racing between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen.


Daniel Ricciardo comments on the wheel-to-wheel racing between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen.

During the 2021 Formula One season, Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen had an epic battle.

Daniel Ricciardo has stated that he cannot recall a time in Formula One when the rivalry between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen was as intense as it is now.

The battle between Mercedes and Red Bull was the season’s highlight in 2021.

Despite being 369.5 points ahead of the winner-take-all Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, the duo went into the final race of the year level.

Verstappen was crowned world champion for the first time in a highly contentious finale.

Following a contentious decision by the FIA, Hamilton was denied a record eighth title.

Before a safety car was deployed, the Briton had led for the majority of the race.

Before the final lap, five lapped cars were given an opportunity to unlap.

Verstappen was able to overtake Hamilton and win the Grand Prix on softer tyres.

Mercedes had two of their protests dismissed before withdrawing their appeal.

The battle drew widespread attention, and the pair’s fellow racers have spoken highly of their encounters.

Ricciardo, who finished eighth in the Formula One Drivers’ World Championship, has admitted that Hamilton and Verstappen are his idols.

The Australian can’t recall a season in which two racers competed in so many races together.

When asked if he wished to achieve the same heights as Hamilton and Verstappen with McLaren, Ricciardo replied, “Of course, I’m envious.”

“However, I’ve been envious for the past eight, nine years.”

It’s not groundbreaking, but the prospect excites me.

“I’m a fan, just like everyone else… I’m a driver, but I’m still a fan of the sport.”

It’s been fantastic, and despite the envy, it’s fantastic for F1 to have the battle.

“I can’t recall a year when two guys competed in so many races side by side.

“It’s pretty awesome because I feel like 75 percent of the races went wheel to wheel at some point.”

“Of course, I wish I could be there, but it’s just for the sport, and it’s been a while since Lewis has been taken out to these, shall we say, deep waters.”

“It’s nice, and you have…

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