Dani Pedrosa was “very fortunate” to escape a fiery crash during the Styrian Grand Prix.


Dani Pedrosa was “very fortunate” to escape a fiery crash during the Styrian Grand Prix.

Dani Pedrosa, a Moto GP rider, was unharmed after a fiery incident at the Red Bull Ring.

Dani Pedrosa, a MotoGP racer, believes he was “extremely lucky” to escape a fiery accident during Sunday’s Styrian Grand Prix, which was his first race since 2018.

The race was red-flagged when wild card entrant Pedrosa skidded at the hairpin, but an unsighted Lorenzo Savadori smashed with the KTM, sending the Italian off the bike and igniting both bikes due to a damaged fuel tank.

Pedrosa was unharmed, but the Aprilia rider’s right ankle was fractured as flames enveloped both bikes in Austria.

“I had a hard start in the first race because I don’t know why I crashed,” Pedrosa remarked. “I believe it was the third lap, and I may have hit the inside line or the right-hand ride tyre was too cold; I was using the hard compound on the front with the lower temperatures today.

“I’m not sure why I went into the turn at maximum angle and tried to take up the bike out of the bend, but the bike wouldn’t pick up and I ended up on the floor.

“I spun in the middle of the track, and unfortunately, Savadori collided with my bike, injuring him, so my heart goes out to him. But I was extremely fortunate; I don’t believe I’ve ever been in this circumstance before in my career, so seeing all the bikes passing by on one side and the other was a bit of a shock.

“Fortunately, everything worked out for me.”

Savadori will be out of the second event at the Red Bull Ring next weekend due to ankle surgery.

Meanwhile, Pedrosa was able to restart the race on his spare bike and claims there was never any doubt in his mind that he would return.

“I had no hesitation about not going out again,” Pedrosa continued, “but we didn’t know if they could get the backup bike from wet to dry in time.” “However, because of the shambles, they had to clear the track.

“However, we had some challenges over the weekend with one bike always operating better, one engine working one way and the second engine working the other way due to the situation on Friday.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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