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Dana White reacts to gruesome dislocated elbow and broken arm from huge slam on Contender Series 

Dana White has seen just about every injury imaginable in the UFC but could still hardly watch a gruesome arm break and dislocation on Tuesday. 

He was watching a clash between Dustin Stoltzfus and Joe Pyfer, who were both fighting for a contract in the organisation on White’s Contender Series show. 

In the very first round, Stoltzfus picked up his opponent and brought him down for a spectacular slam. 


Yikes! @DanaWhite’s reaction says it all. #DWCS

Pyfer had his arm straightened to cushion the impact but planted it straight on the mat, simultaneously dislocating his elbow and breaking the arm as it was forced into a grim angle. 

White’s reaction said it all as he recoiled with a grimace which then turned to a knowing smile as he took in what he’d witnessed. 

The 51-year-old said: ‘First of all, the thing that bummed me out was it was just heating up. I was really getting into it when he made everybody puke. 

‘This kid, his record is now 13-1. He’s got a tonne of experience. You could tell in there, no matter how the fight went. 

‘He was poised. He’s a vet, super sharp. Not only is he in, I actually expect big things from this kid.’

It was the first time White has given UFC contracts to all the winning fighters on one Contender Series event. 

Stoltzfus reflected: ‘You second-guess yourself if you’re sitting there and everyone else has been given a one, “Is he gonna give us all contracts?” It was a little nerve-racking.

‘But I knew my fight was pretty good and I felt if I won I would get a contract with my experience and fighting style.

‘It’s not the way I wanted it to go, but I looked good in there.’

Pyfer took to Instagram lying in a hospital bed and showed his swollen arm, saying: ‘Unfortunate guys, I broke my arm and dislocated it, I’ll be back.’       

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