Couples are going crazy about The Moaning Zombie, which puts a spicy spin on a 69 sex motion.


Looking for a new sex position to try this evening? With Halloween right around the corner you could give The Moaning Zombie a go and it takes a kinky twist on a classic

Want to take things to another level between the sheets?

Trying a new sex position is always a great way to experiment with your needs in the bedroom.

Whether you like a daring move or something quite classic, it’s always worth mixing it up.

Those who love oral play will really appreciate The Moaning Zombie which takes a kinky twist on the classic 69.

It’s simple to master and it’ll get you in the mood for the Halloween period – if that’s your favourite season.

So now’s the perfect time to give your partner a treat in bed after all…

According to the sex gurus at Cosmopolitan, you can take your “oral sex game to another level” with this move.

To get into position, have your partner sit with their legs slightly bent apart.

Then as you get into position put your bum in their face.

Make sure you straddle your legs outside of theirs and lean all the way down until you reach their crotch.

This sex position promises some serious access to all areas.

If you’re looking for more alternatives to the 60 move, you can try this raunchy sex position.

Those who love oral sex will go wild for the Same Sex Switcheroo as it’s a classic twist on the 69 technique.

Oral pleasure is a vitally important part of a healthy sex life as it gives you the chance to explore your partner.

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And it’ll help you to learn what they really enjoy under the sheets.

Or there’s this kinky sex position which is perfect for oral stimulation.

It’s called the Sideways 69 and the oral sex position gives couples the opportunity to experiment with a little anal play.

And then if you really want to take things to another level, we’ve even suggested a sex toy to add into the mix.


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