Coronavirus causes sporting activities to be rescheduled.


Both the Brentford-Bristol City and QPR-Luton matches have been postponed on Saturday due to the Corona virus.

On Friday, Bristol City reported that Covid 19 symptoms had emerged in the team, prompting the closing of a testing center. Since it was the holiday of Labor Day, testing couldn’t be done before the Brentford game.

Following negotiations with Brentford and the Football League, the decision was made to postpone the fixture because of safety issues for both organisations. The date for the fixture will be confirmed at a later stage.

After this news came out, Luton announced that the home match against QPR was delayed as well.

A statement released on Luton Town’s official website said, “Positive Covid test results have been returned by a number of senior players (and their immediate family members) meaning that other players and staff (and their immediate family members) must be isolated.

“We are awaiting further testing, which unfortunately must be carried out before the game, but is not prohibited.” The league has settled on a postponed date based on the recommendations of our doctors and the league’s recommendation.

“The game will be made up as soon as possible, and further details will be announced in due course.”

“All positive cases in players and staff will undergo self-isolation as per EFL and government protocols and the Brache training ground will be closed while the rest of the squad and staff undergo official EFL testing.”

The consequences of the virus contributed to the suspension of a significant number of games in professional football leagues.

And despite the growing Covid 19 incidence and an increasing amount of match postponements, revised coronavirus guidelines have been emailed to clubs by the EFL, which include requiring players to turn up to training already in their jerseys.

The regulations effectively call back to the measures taken during the first outbreak of the virus, and league clubs face a greater risk of being fined if they breach the current guidelines.

Indoor facilities, including locker rooms and cafeterias, must be kept closed, and gymnasiums and other indoor areas must be well-ventilated. Clubs must also suggest using separate or multiple cars for travels to matches.

While the individual financial resources of the EFL prohibits it from applying the new guidelines consistently, the PA news agency expects it to take tougher action against the sporting clubs that violate its guidelines.

Each match delay due to the corona virus is subject to an investigation by the league, with penalties or points deductions looming if it is found that clubs did not have reasonable cause, or that they violated normal best practices.

The Football Association notes that all clubs in the FA Cup must play their matches despite having just 14 players free of the coronavirus.

The email notes that clubs must keep the competition on track and that matches should be played when at least 14 players are available.

Any issues concerning this matter should be identified without delay, and a review of the matter will be conducted in order to determine a potential postponement.

The FA will also reimburse the clubs that play in the matches the following week. The matches will take place from January 8 to 11.


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