‘Concerned,’ Michael Johnson said in a stinging attack on Team GB athletics.


‘Concerned,’ Michael Johnson said in a stinging attack on Team GB athletics.

MICHAEL JOHNSON had previously attacked Team GB’s athletics team, warning that the country should be “concerned.”

Michael Johnson, one of the all-time greats of the Olympic Games, is a BBC analyst for Tokyo 2020. The former US sprinter competed in three Olympic Games, setting world records and won four gold medals in the process: Barcelona 1992, Atlanta 1996, and Sydney 2000. He isn’t shy about expressing his thoughts on the on-track action now that he has established himself as a key critic for athletics coverage. During the 2017 World Championships in the Olympic Stadium in London, he targeted Team GB’s athletics team.

The squad wowed at the championships, winning five medals in less than 24 hours on Saturday and Sunday night, four of them in relays, to end with a total of six.

That means they finished sixth in the medal table, just missing out on the UK Sport aim of six to eight.

However, Johnson stated that Team GB’s triumph was not indicative of future victories.

In fact, he stated that if he were British, he would be “worried.”

“Four exhilarating relay medals,” he remarked. Mo Farah is the only individual medalist. He’s calling it quits. £27 million is being invested. I’d be worried.”

“I’m not comparing the United Kingdom to the United States, but to countries like South Africa, Poland, and France, which don’t have quite the same resources as the United Kingdom,” he continued.

“I hope we don’t let the beautiful relays results to cover up the cracks,” Daley Thompson, Britain’s back-to-back Olympic gold-winning decathlete, warned.

Neil Black, the team’s performance director, refuted the notion that they were fortunate in London.

“If you could see and feel the blood, sweat, and tears that go into the relays, they are surely not inexpensive medals,” he said.

“We don’t think about it that way. We’ve put a lot of money into the relay program and openly stated that we believe we can medal in all four relays.

“We probably didn’t expect it to happen as rapidly as it did.” However, we are unsurprised.”

Christian Malcolm, Team GB’s head coach, told LBC that his message to the participants for the key sports events in Tokyo this year is simple: “Don’t be frightened.”

“Don’t be afraid,” he added. “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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