Clare Balding has refused to cover men’s football because she believes it is “toxic” to female hosts.


Clare Balding has refused to cover men’s football because she believes it is “toxic” to female hosts.

According to newly discovered testimonies, CLARE BALDING refuses to present for men’s football since it is “poison” for female hosts.

The Tokyo Olympics are started, and the BBC has enlisted the help of some of the country’s biggest personalities in athletics, cycling, swimming, and other sports to cover the event. Former gold medalists Chris Hoy, Rebecca Adlington, and Jessica Ennis-Hill will all be featured prominently in the coverage as the British hope to repeat their success from this year’s Olympics. Many people believe Team GB can thrive in football as well, and Arsenal veteran Alex Scott, who has provided analysis for the Premier League and Euro 2020 in recent months, is due to do so again.

Clare Balding, a long-serving BBC presenter who has overseen coverage of a variety of sports, will also have a key role.

Balding, on the other hand, has previously remarked that working on men’s football events is “poison” for female hosts.

In November 2020, the BBC veteran claimed that when female announcers provide their comments on male matches, they are subjected to “vile abuse,” which she blames on “the worst of tribal behavior.”

“Any woman who appears on a football programme as an expert or as a presenter will be subjected to such nasty hatred on social media,” she stated.

When Alex Scott joined the BBC team for football coverage, Balding told the Creative Forum, “it was: ‘We have one woman, we can’t have two.'”

“You’re competing with another woman for that one chance,” she added.

In recent years, broadcasters have worked to diversify their lineups, with more female pundits and commentators appearing on Sky Sports, BT Sport, and the BBC’s coverage.

Back in 2019, Balding criticized the “disrespectful” absence of media attention for women’s sport.

“It’s a fairly rare thing to see coverage of women’s sport in TV and in most newspapers,” she told the Sunday Post at the time.

“I believe that is impolite. It also misses out on a potential audience and readership that isn’t being catered to.

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“Female athletes are really approachable. Consider Dina Asher-Smith, who is highly articulate and recognizes that marketing her sport is an important aspect of her work.

“Women’s sports.” Brinkwire Summary News.


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