Chuck Liddell, a former UFC fighter, has filed for divorce just days after being arrested for domestic violence.


Chuck Liddell, a former UFC fighter, has filed for divorce just days after being arrested for domestic violence.

Chuck Liddell, a former UFC fighter, filed for divorce from his wife of ten years, Heidi, on Friday. The allegation comes only days after he was jailed in Los Angeles for domestic abuse. According to TMZ, Liddell was arrested at his Hidden Hills home on Monday morning following reports of a domestic altercation. After speaking with the couple, officers discovered that Liddell and his wife had gotten into a verbal disagreement that escalated into a violent altercation.

Liddell was taken into custody and placed in a police cruiser, although he claims he was the victim of the event. He did, however, accompany the cops so that his wife could remain at home with their little child.

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“As details of the case will reveal, I was the victim of the event last night at our family home,” Liddell said in a statement the day following his arrest. “My wife would be arrested, according to the deputies, because I did not respond to her assault while suffering bruising and lacerations. I offered to fill in for her.” “This was just one of many occasions I tried to keep a family mental health issue out of the spotlight. Our private lives have now reached a public breaking point, and it has become brutally obvious that this cannot continue “Liddell went on. He went on to say that the public should respect their privacy at this time. Chuck and Heidi have two children: Guinevere, a daughter, and Charles David Liddell Jr., a son.

Last March, Liddell “officially retired” from UFC fighting, just as President of the UFC Dana White began making comments about his age. White claimed that Liddell shouldn’t be fighting at his age As he was approaching 50 at the time. “I believe the headlines did not accurately reflect what he stated. After I talked to him about it, I realized that it wasn’t truly the case “In response, Liddell stated. “He is aware of the situation. He does not want me to engage in combat. I understand. He didn’t seem to be asking me not to fight. He was simply expressing his age. He’d contact me if he was anxious about me going out and fighting again. The last time he called me was over a year ago. We discussed it, and it is what it is.”


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