Chris Eubank Jr. pays heartfelt homage to Sebastian Eubank, who died recently. ‘I apologize for not being present.’


Chris Eubank Jr. pays heartfelt homage to Sebastian Eubank, who died recently. ‘I apologize for not being present.’

After his brother Sebastian Eubank died suddenly at the age of 29 on Friday, Chris Eubank Jr offered a heartfelt homage to him on social media.

On Saturday morning, Chris Eubank Jr paid tribute to his late brother Sebastian in a devastating series of Twitter messages. Sebastian Eubank, who lived in Dubai, was discovered dead just days before his 30th birthday.

After drowning, the son of British middleweight great Eubank Snr, a boxer with two professional victories, was reportedly discovered lifeless on a beach.

He is the third oldest of Eubank Sr’s five children, and he and his wife Salma had only recently had their first kid, Raheem. Raheem’s brother has promised to look after him as if he were his own child.

“Rest easy little brother,” Chris Eubank Jr, 31, said in a series of devastating words. @SebEubank, I adore you and you will always be missed.

“My brother Sebastian Eubank was a unique individual… a good man who always placed others before of himself.

“A guy of many talents, including boxing, mixed martial arts, poetry, music, coaching, and cooking, to name a few, but the most important thing to him was assisting others who were less fortunate than himself.

“I haven’t cried since I was twelve… I sobbed the entire day yesterday. I’m sorry I wasn’t there to keep an eye on you as a big brother should.

“It’s hard to think you’re gone, but you’ll always be in my heart, mind, and spirit.

“Now your legacy will be carried on by your lovely freshly born baby, whom I will care for as if he were my own. Keep an eye on us till we meet up again, young lion.

“And to everyone reading this right now, please don’t take any of your loved ones for granted.

“See them, talk to them, and keep an eye on them as much as you can because you never know when it will be the final time. “I adore you, bro.”

“Never did I ever dream I would write these words or experience the grief I now have at the loss of my son,” Sebastian’s father, Eubank Snr, said of his son’s death.

“My family and I are heartbroken to learn about Sebastian’s death, which occurred just days before his 30th birthday.

Little brother, take it easy. I adore you and you alone. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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