Chiefs encourage government to see sport instead of problem as part of ‘solution’


Sports leaders have urged the government to see their respective sports as part of the “solution” rather than the problem as they struggle with the impact of tighter coronavirus curbs. Golf and tennis are among the outdoor sports to be closed in England, although the former will continue to operate in Scotland in small groups, although Skateboard GB says regulations on outdoor skateparks remain uncleaa

Jeremy Tomlinson, chief executive of England Golf, said he regretted failing to persuade the government of the physical and mental advantages of continuing the sport under strict rules of social distancing. I believe this is worth endorsing in the UK. Golf is a sport that can work comfortably in these tough times, with the right safety measures. Excellent for exercise and overall well-being. ” Graeme McDowell (@Graeme McDowell) January 5, 2021 Tomlinson told the PA news agency, “I apologize to all the golfers out there that we were unable to help the government understand that golf could be part of the solution and not the problem. “I would certainly classify golf as part of walking, running and cycling; it’s in the fresh air, you naturally cover social d And that’s before you even consider the burden in an unregulated way on open space and parks. Two million people will be taken away from that and put on the golf courses to exercise that way, and I think that could be a real plus. “And that’s even before you consider the strain on open space and parks in an unregulated way. 2 million people would be taken away from that and put on the golf courses to exercise that way, and I think that could be a real plus. ” After the announcement by the Prime Minister that a national lockdown will be enforced from today in England, all indoor skateparks should be closed. We are waiting for an explanation from the government about how the lockdown will affect outdoor skateparks. #skatesafestaysafe #covid19 #skateboarring @Sport England- Skateboard GB (@SkateboardGB) January 5, 2021Graeme McDowell and Lee Westwood have tweeted tweeting tweeting @Sport-England- Skateboard GB (@SkateboardGB) January 5, 2021 James Hope-Gill, Chief Executive of Skateboard GB, echoed the view of Tomlinson, who said he saw no reason why the sport could not continue, even though the future of some neighborhood skateparks remains unclear: although indoor skateparks were ordered to close, there is no precise mention in the current guidelines of the fate of outdoor facilities, some but not all of which are run by local automatic skateparks. “Skateboarding is a natural, social sport and our ideal scenario would be for outdoor skateparks to remain open because they are places where people can go that are physically and mentally beneficial.Uncertainty surrounds the immediate future of outdoor skateparks (Jacob King/PA) “But all you need is a skateboard and a piece of flat land. It’s as valid a form of transport as walking, and we want to inspire people to keep skateboarding as long as you do it safely and in a socially acceptable way. Health and leisure sector leaders welcomed the news that the industry would receive government funding of £ 4.6 billion, but also highlighted the need to protect “the physical and mental well-being of people across the UK” in the face of the closing of many facilities. A spokesperson for the Sport and Recreation Alliance, representing more than 320 national sporting organizations. “We continue to believe that sport and physical activity are key to supporting the nation’s health and wellbeing at this difficult time, and hope that with the lifting of restrictions, grassroots activity can resume and facilities can reopen as soon as possible.” Financial support @RishiSunak today announced one-off grants for companies of up to £ 9,000.


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