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Chelsea include footage of Alex from Glasto rapping with Dave in Thiago Silva announcement video

Chelsea included footage of Alex from Glasto’s ‘Thiago Silva’ rap in the Brazilian defender’s announcement video.

The 35-year-old centre-back was confirmed as the Blues’ new centre-back on Friday and will sign on a free transfer after seven years at Paris Saint Germain.

Silva had a song named after him by rapper Dave, with Chelsea fan Alex Mann joining the popular artist on stage at Glastonbury 2019. The video of the pair singing the ‘Thiago Silva’ rap has been watched by over 17million people on YouTube. 

And the west London club delighted supporters by including some snippets of then-15-year-old Mann’s popular performance in the video which confirmed Silva’s arrival at Stamford Bridge.

Chelsea fans were hoping that the rap would accompany the announcement video and were initially upset to see a different track played in the background.

But some eagle-eyed Blues supporters spotted Mann’s face in the video that was posted on social media.

One fan said on Twitter: ‘All those saying they missed an opportunity and I’m guessing they blinked and missed this little nugget haha. This club knows man. Ohhhhhh Thiago Silvaaaaa!’

Another tweeted: ‘The easter egg includIng alex from glasto!!!! MADNESSS!’

One supporter said: ‘Class. Agent Alex from Glasto did the business…!!!’

 Mann rose to fame following his Glastonbury ‘heroics’ and now has over 220,000 followers on Instagram.  

He now creates his own rap music and released the track ‘What Ya Kno Bout That Bro?’ with GRM Daily a few months after his rap with Dave.  

The teenager even met the PSG defender following the performance at the Parc des Princes when the Brazilian was still at the Ligue 1 club. 

The defender has now moved to Stamford Bridge on a two-year deal as Frank Lampard continues his £200million overhaul of the Chelsea team.

Silva won 24 trophies while at Paris Saint-Germain while also won Serie A with AC Milan in 2011. 

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