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CHELSEA FAN VIEW: Frank Lampard standing up to Jurgen Klopp shows he can hold his own with elite

Tensions flared at Anfield on Wednesday night, as Frank Lampard saw the red mist descend when feeling he had been provoked by the Liverpool bench.

The temper of the Chelsea club legend failed to subside, and he was to soon make headlines after snapping back at Jurgen Klopp with an expletive-laden rant.

It was a picture of passion from Lampard, who still desperately wants his side to shore up a Champions League qualification spot. 

Sportsmail has got the inside view from supporter Andrew Seaby of ChelseaDaft, who feels Lampard’s antics have shown exactly what the club has been missing in recent years.

On the pitch and on the touchline, Frank Lampard and his Chelsea team are proving they can hold their own this season.

As Liverpool celebrated their Premier League trophy presentation – and most Chelsea fans switched off – an interview with Lampard emerged on social media of him talking about ‘arrogance’. It was later followed by the clip of him telling members of the Liverpool bench to ‘f*** off’.

As a football fan you want to see passion for your club from the players, you want to see them fight for the shirt, for the club and for the supporters. And you want the same from the manager. If you get that from both you feel like you are all fighting together. It is such a good feeling.

Think of some of the other managers that have walked in and out of the door at Stamford Bridge. Some of them calm and composed and would choose not to speak up to their counterparts to defend their players in that moment on the touchline but do it in public after the event.

As fans we never really felt that they understood what it takes to be Chelsea and they can become disconnected with the fans – Andre Villas-Boas, Luiz-Felipe Scolari, Rafa Benitez and more recently Maurizio Sarri).

That is why I loved seeing the passion on Wednesday night from Lampard – a man who knows exactly what it takes and demands the same from everyone else working with him.

The beauty of Premier League football in these past weeks is that you have the option to hear everything as it is being played out on the pitch and on the touchline. We are hearing players and managers do what they do, do what comes natural to them – and it is fascinating.

Chelsea fans around the world were frustrated after a free-kick was given to Liverpool in a dangerous area after Mateo Kovacic tackled Sadio Mane to win the ball.

Head over to the touchline in the immediate aftermath and Lampard was incensed and made his feelings known to the fourth official.

The back and forth that followed between the Chelsea boss and the Liverpool bench was box office.

‘How is that a foul? There’s no foul there,’ Lampard appeared to shout, taking steps towards Liverpool boss Klopp before the fourth official intervenes.

‘Sit down then,’ Lampard could be heard barking at the German, before getting more irate.

He added: ‘It’s not a f***ing foul, I’m not asking you… You can f*** off and all, you think you can give it the big one, f*** off.’


Liverpool scored the subsequent free-kick to take a two-goal lead with celebrations on the touchline and from the bench but Lampard had made his point.

He may be an inexperienced Premier League manager compared to others, but he is not prepared to stand there and take any nonsense from anyone if he believes to have been shown disrespect.

We all know what Lampard achieved as a player and is rated by many as the best player to ever wear the Chelsea shirt. You speak of that now and although Lampard acknowledges the praise, he has stated that it was a previous stage of his life which for the time is over, with the focus on what he is determined to achieve as a manager.

That in my opinion is where Lampard has the edge, something he has picked up from Jose Mourinho in his prime and like that of Antonio Conte.

He has already proven to be vocal on the sideline, always talking and encouraging the players but without hesitation, the first to passionately defend them through thick and thin.

Looking at what he has had to deal with since he walked through the door – what he could and couldn’t do with his playing squad – to see where we find ourselves with two games in our season to go, he has really made his mark this season in more ways than one.

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