Chelsea chief Frank Lampard maintains that security during a pandemic must be a top priority.


Chelsea manager Frank Lampard maintains that safety must be a priority after Steven Gerrard, his former England teammate, highlighted the role of soccer in distracting people during the coronavirus crisis. “any evidence or data to suggest that there is any guarantee of improvement”circuit-breaker”circuit-breaker”any evidence or data to suggest that there is some guarantee of improvement,”a relief”a relief”something to look at.”something to look at.

“Two members of Chelsea’s non-playing staff returned positive results from the current round of testing and Lampard emphasized the value of keeping people safe from harm when asked about Gerrard’s opinion: “I’m not sure about that,” Lampard said. I understand it. You love the amount of games you can watch at home if you love soccer. But safety has to come first. “I understand it. If you love soccer, you love the amount of games you can watch at home. But safety has to come first. ” “Then they go home and they are in the environment where there is another virus surge that seems to be more contagious, so security and security are paramount rather than trying to keep the nation happy. SG: Football gives people a relief and something to look at. There is also no information for me to ensure that the situation will be improved by a two-week break.” PEP TALK A word from the manager…. “@marathonbet #ManCity | Manchester City (@ManCity) January 1, 2021 “It will have to be for the authorities, the state, the Premier League… Everybody will have to be aware that stopping for a circuit breaker will be advantageous. Despite the outbreak of City’s outbreak, Lampard expects Sunday’s Premier League match against Manchester City to go ahead. “In general, probably as safe as the public because we’re seeing a new surge in numbers. “But we are in a more secure climate, definitely in the workplace. Twice a week now, we are being screened, and that’s very significant. I don’t understand why, all of a sudden, we went down, because two things are important. “It seems to me that the situation at the moment is that we are going from game to game. Games are cancelled because of positive tests around the game itself and I understand that. We’ll see how it goes because these are uncertain times.”


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