Characters from Emmerdale who are in danger of being killed off when Meena, the serial killer, moves on to the next victim.


The Emmerdale villagers are in danger this week, as characters become involved in difficult situations and dramatic moments that will see one fan favourite killed.

Emmerdale bosses have confirmed that a fan favourite character will die during what is known as ‘super soap week’, which will see the villagers involved in perilous incidents and moments that will leave fans gripped to their seats.

With the death of “at least” one character confirmed during the dramatic episodes, which will also see major stunts involving a waterfall taking place, fans are currently wondering who could leave the soap this week.

We look at the characters who could potentially be killed during Emmerdale’s super soap week and why – from long standing cast members, to couples and village favourites.

Charity Dingle could be one of the characters killed off during super soap week, as she embarks on a team building exercise with some of the other villagers.

During the exercise she takes part in a survival challenge, which sees her rafting down a river, but things soon take a turn for the worse.

It has been revealed that some of the villagers end up fighting for their lives during the challenge – will Charity be one of them?

Fan favourite Diane Sugden has been a part of Emmerdale life for over 20 years, especially as one of the longest standing owners of The Woolpack Pub.

However, actress Elizabeth Estensen announced in September that she was leaving Emmerdale, with many fans wondering how her character would exit from the soap.

With producers confirming that a fan favourite will be killed off this week, is time up for Diane Sugden? Or will she get her happy ending, after suggesting that she and granddaughter Gabby move to Portugal?

Meena Jutla is out for revenge on Victoria Sugden and David Metcalfe during super soap week, after she overheard David confess his love for Victoria.

David has been dating Meena, and his confession has left her furious.

It has been revealed that Meena is one of the villagers who is taking part in the team building challenge, so will she use this opportunity to exact her revenge?

Serial killer Meena has previously murdered characters including teenager Leanna Cavanagh and has previously drugged boyfriend David, taking ‘trophies’ from everyone she has killed.

With Emmerdale bosses confirming that “at least” one of the fan favourite characters will be killed off, could Meena be plotting a way to get rid of Victoria,. Brinkwire presents summary news.


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