Celtic hero Paul Lambert opens up on Covid-19 struggles and pneumonia after contracting deadly virus


Ex-Celtic captain Paul Lambert has opened up on the struggles he continues to face since contracting Covid-19 and pneumonia before Christmas.

The former Hoops midfielder was struck down with the virus after a player at Ipswich Town passed it on and the manager claims he has not felt as bad in “years and years”.

Lambert claims he was almost admitted to hospital as he struggled with the killer virus while his tiredness would ramp up and he lost his sense of taste and smell. The Scotland legend even insists he is not fully back to normal yet, either.

“I’ve never felt as bad as that for years and years,” Lambert told BBC Scottish Football Podcast. “I never took it lightly, but I got it – what I would say is that I’ve never felt as bad as that. And I still feel tired at the minute, I’m sleeping in the afternoons when I come home from work, which is not like me, and I still have the headaches, and the pneumonia thing happened. 

“I was close to going into the hospital, that was when it was starting to get worrying, where the doctors said to me that, ‘we need to look at your oxygen levels’. They were away down and it was just a nightmare. Hopefully I’m getting back better.

“It turned out one of the lads had it and it snowballed from there. With every passing day, I wasn’t getting any better, I was actually getting  worse. Normally when days go by you get better but I was getting worse and I felt, ‘I feel terrible here’, my temperature was going up and the headaches, the lack of smell, the taste was away. I still have the tiredness.”


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