Cautious women’s tennis stars as the 2021 season starts inside the fragile bubble


The first days of the tennis season are moments of unfiltered happiness in normal times, as players again welcome their peers and return refreshed for the year ahead.

But for Ons Jabeur in Abu Dhabi, a touch of resignation accompanies her joy this week: “I hope this bubble life will end very soon,” she said. But I’m not sure when it will be done for the covid.

But, I mean, we want our independence. We are professionals and I think we should be responsible for participating and being accountable at the same time in the tournament. We don’t need these constraints.

But what can be done? In the legal dispute with the Westin in Melbourne, the government claims that the Australian Open quarantine hotels are secured. Read more The 2021 tennis season starts this week and acceptance means traveling to the WTA 500 event in Abu Dhabi or the first ATP 250 events in the Turkish city of Antalya or Delray Beach in Florida for professional tennis players.

More than 300 players and some team members will fly to Australia on as many as 18 chartered flights after qualifying for next week’s Australian Open is complete. They will desperately hope that their trip around the world will not be ruined when they arrive by a positive coronavirus test. The fact is that the difficult season last year was possibly only a prelude to the many months of players traveling aro

So I thought about taking the mental coach after playing a couple of tournaments at the end of last season and I think that’s the right decision right now for me. Abu Dhabi stands as a representation of the pandemic threats of the Tour.

As other ATP and WTA events, the overall prize money is slightly smaller than last year’s equivalent tournaments. The entire pot, however, is funded by the WTA, not sponsors, reflecting the challenge of setting up a brand new tournament in the midst of a pandemic with just four weeks notice.

It also shows how challenging even the most successful women’s sport is struggling in these days. With the Australian Open on the horizon, it remains to be seen if anyone can comply with the strict rules. During the pandemic, few sports have done as poorly as tennis, with multiple players failing to grasp its importance, especially in the game of men.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated on Monday, Querrey reported that European city airport controls were so weak that even though he was contaminated, he was able to cross the border: London. Nevertheless, this is just another opportunity for most players to play tennis, even though the conditions are not ideal. Former No. 1 Karolina Pliskova cited not moaning about the regulations, conditions and anything else

I can fly, my family is safe, and I can still do what I love.

There is nothing to worry about, I don’t think.” Then she laughed at herself, “No matter what my results are.


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