Carragher explains Liverpool’s choice to sign Cristiano Ronaldo and Harry Kane.


Carragher explains Liverpool’s choice to sign Cristiano Ronaldo and Harry Kane.

Liverpool’s transfer window has been rather quiet.

Liverpool may not have been linked with a move for Cristiano Ronaldo or Harry Kane, but club great Jamie Carragher has revealed why.

In comparison to Manchester United and Manchester City, Liverpool has a distinct approach to the transfer window.

Instead of splashing the cash, the Reds frequently operate in the shadows, aiming to pull off low-cost acquisitions that can improve the squad.

That’s not to say it hasn’t happened before; moves like Virgil van Dijk and Alisson set world records for their respective positions.

However, their astute tactics have paid them handsomely, with players like Mohamed Salah, Roberto Firmino, and Sadio Mane fetching comparatively low rates.

Liverpool has been connected with Kylian Mbappe, while fans would undoubtedly want to see them pursue Kane and Ronaldo.

Carragher, on the other hand, has indicated why that will not happen at Anfield anytime soon.

“I’m not worried about it, that’s the core model,” he replied when asked about the absence of business on Merseyside.

“The proprietors of Liverpool, Roman Abramovich, do not have the revenue of Manchester City, nor do they bring in as much money as Manchester United.

“Since FSG came in, Liverpool has had a model, and it has worked brilliantly. They’re regarded as one of the greatest operators in the transfer industry because of the way they conduct themselves.

“In comparison to when I was a player, Liverpool does not make stupid judgments.

“Everyone expected them to buy a permanent centre-back in January, but they waited until the summer to get the player they wanted.

“When you look at what Chelsea has done with Lukaku, it’s a magnificent deal, but Liverpool would never spend that much for a 28-year-old striker.

“They wouldn’t have brought Harry Kane or a 36-year-old Ronaldo.

“They don’t do that; they have a set of procedures that have proven to be beneficial.

“It’s impossible for me to criticize what Michael Edwards and FSG have accomplished since their arrival at the club.”


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