Carol Vorderman discusses her mother’s anguish at the miscarriage of her child and compliments Myleene Klass.


Carol Vorderman discusses her mother’s anguish at the miscarriage of her child and compliments Myleene Klass.

Carol Vorderman has shared the painful story of her mother’s miscarriage with her 174,000 Instagram followers in support of her friend Myleene Klass’ documentary on the subject.

Carol Vorderman has shared her mother’s terrible miscarriage story on Instagram.

The 60-year-old told her 174,000 followers about the heartbreaking story to support her friend Myleene Klass, who is making a documentary on miscarriages.

She captioned a photo of Myleene with: “Myleene @myleeneklass is a lovely mother to three happy children (as I’ve seen many times). She’s been a single parent for many years and has learned the hard way.

“Now she has the courage (and it is courage) to speak openly about her miscarriage.

“Every day, thousands of people experience miscarriage, which impacts not only the women but also their partners.

She said, ” “Many people’s grief never goes away, and yet it’s been forbidden for so long.”

Carol went on to tell that she was fortunate to have given birth to two healthy children, but that her mother had tragically lost a pregnancy.

She stated, ” “I’ve been ‘fortunate’ in that I’ve had two pregnancies and two babies, with no miscarriages.

“It was my mother who did it. She got pregnant again, carried her baby to term, and then her firstborn, John, died barely hours after birth. He was interred in a mass grave, as were many babies at the time.

“I had no idea how much she grieved quietly for him until she was near death and requested to be buried in the same cemetery as him.”

“If you are going through this, have been through this, or simply want to hear the tales, please watch Myleene’s documentary on @wtvchannel tomorrow night Thursday at 9pm,” she ended.”

Carol’s words and Myleene’s honesty were met with appreciation and support by Carol’s army of followers in the comments section.

“Her boldness will inspire and impact people,” one admirer added.

“Well said,” wrote someone else. My godfather’s wife suffered two miscarriages in the 1970s, and I recall them talking about it 25 years later, and it clearly still pained them greatly, so congratulations to Miss Klass for being brave enough to speak up about it.

“I send her and everyone else who has been through this a lot of love and hugs. Carol, thank you.” Carol was thanked by Myleene herself, who left a remark on the article, writing: “Carol is a good friend of mine. Your remarks have such a strong impact. “Thank you very much.” If this tale has had an impact on you, The news is summarized by Brinkwire.


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