Carol Vorderman, 60, flaunts her youthful beauty in figure-hugging leggings.


Carol Vorderman, 60, flaunts her youthful beauty in figure-hugging leggings.

Carol Vorderman’s fans couldn’t get enough of her amazing looks as she shared a photo of herself wearing body-hugging clothing on Instagram ahead of her trip around Bristol.

a television personality Carol Vorderman put on a tantalizing show by cramming her magnificent curves into a pair of black skin-tight leggings before taking a stroll through Bristol.

On Tuesday morning, the 60-year-old turned to Instagram to show off her gorgeous figure while also giving her fans a glimpse of her natural beauty.

While wearing a simple black shirt that she tucked into her leg-wear, the mother-of-two smiled joyously for the mirror picture, allowing her long blonde locks to flow over shoulders.

“This morning’s little 5 miles round the harbour and home……so I adore sitting with my tea on the wharfs….might give your leggings a mucky butt…but really does it matter?” she captioned the photo, giving her fans a glimpse inside her last run outside. Ha. By the way, the answer is NO, CAROL, IT DOESN’T MATTER.” “Anyway, even in the overcast, it’s lovely…and an intriguing harbour too #Bristol,” she continued. “Best get back to work now,” she concluded her caption. “Have a great Tuesday, gang xx.” The celebrity also released a video of herself sipping a cup of tea while admiring the beautiful Bristol surroundings, giving fans a preview of her walk about Bristol.

Carol’s all-black costume was a hit with fans, who expressed their delight in the comments area.

She shared the photo on her Instagram story as well.

“Looking like that, no it doesn’t matter,” one fan said.

“Perfect… and the view is nice as well,” commented another.

“You’ve probably heard it a million times, but God, you’re amazing,” said a third.

Carol is a frequent Instagram user who uses the medium to show off her wonderful looks and provide encouragement to her fans.

The former Countdown star, who turned 60 in December of last year, recently told Ok! Magazine that she likes her age and is embracing her older self.

She also stated that she is unconcerned about what others think of her.

“I adore being this age,” she admitted openly to the tabloid. I can’t be around rude people, and I’ve never given a damn what other people think. I’ve fully embraced my 60th birthday.

“You may justify it by saying, ‘Oh well, it’s my age.'”

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