Carlos Sainz lends his support to Lewis Hamilton as the Ferrari driver cheers on his adversary.


Carlos Sainz lends his support to Lewis Hamilton as the Ferrari driver cheers on his adversary.

Carlos Sainz has endorsed Lewis Hamilton’s demand for a refund to fans at the Belgian Grand Prix.

One of Lewis Hamilton’s competitors has endorsed his plea for spectators at Sunday’s Belgian Grand Prix to be compensated.

Hamilton, 36, was enraged by the way events unfolded in Spa, and now Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz has mirrored Hamilton’s rage.

The entire weekend in Belgium was hampered by torrential weather, and when the race finally got began more than three hours late, only two laps behind a safety car were conceivable. However, by FIA rules, this was sufficient to constitute a race, and drivers were granted half-points according on their qualifying position.

It also meant that the thousands of fans who patiently waited in the rain were not eligible for refunds, and Sainz, 26, expressed his condolences.

The Spaniard said, “Honestly, that’s the worst thing.”

“They got the worst of it; they were soaked for four hours and didn’t get to watch a race they deserved to watch.

“They had paid for it, and we’d had a difficult few years because to Covid-19, so this was an escape route for us to have fun and have a fantastic weekend plan.

On Sunday, Sainz was penalized 0.5 points for his misfortunes, continuing his strange relationship with the Belgian track.

It was his eighth Grand Prix at Spa, and he had yet to complete a single lap in four of them.

“Clearly, something isn’t working,” he explained.

“Before I arrived to F1, it was my favorite circuit. In 2015, I qualified quite well but was unable to start the race due to engine failure.

“I had a puncture on the first lap in 2016, and I haven’t even started for the past three years.

“It’s a terrible statistic that I’m hoping will improve soon because it’s not typical of my favorite circuit.”

Hamilton’s frustrating day was made worse by the fact that his championship lead over race winner Max Verstappen was sliced to three points.

Hamilton finished third, but after an embarrassing podium presentation, he stated fans had been “robbed” and questioned why the race had ever started.

“They stood out there in the rain for hours, no cover in the grandstands — I believe maybe.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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