Captain Lewis Dunk of Brighton is shooting his old friend Connor Goldson to end the agonizing wait of the Rangers for the title.


BRIGHTON captain Lewis Dunk knows all about the ambitions of Rangers to crush the 10-in-a-row dream of Celtic, because his good friend Connor Goldson continues to tell him.

Since Goldson transferred to Ibrox in 2018, the defensive pair played together at Amex for three years and stayed in touch.

And Dunk agrees that if the Rangers end up winning their first league title in a decade, he will be happy for his friend.

The Premier League defender said, “When Connor was at Brighton, we were really good friends, and we’re still here.”

We’re all in contact and see each other whenever we can, even if these days are more difficult, of course.

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But if Connor won the championship, I would be thrilled. He won promotion to League One with Shrewsbury, but it would be amazing for him to win the Scottish title in the top division. It would be his biggest soccer achievement.

He told me how to win ten in a row and how they could stop doing it! So I could see him with the Rangers fans as a hero forever, if he could do it.

“He seems to be a popular figure and I can understand why. He’s someone who plays at the highest level every week and he deserves all the credit he gets.”

When it is safe to do so, Dunk is keen to go to an Old Firm game. He revealed, however, that going to Goldson’s Glasgow store had already blown him away.

He added: “We probably don’t really understand how big Rangers and Celtic are in England. We know they’re huge clubs, but I’ve only been able to find out everything about them since Connor moved there.”

I went to Glasgow to see him when he signed the first one. To get some milk, he had to pop into Asda and it took us half an hour to get back out! He received a great deal of attention from the fans.

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“At that point I realized what a big deal it is to play for a club like Rangers,” he said.

I’ve never been to a game in Scotland before, so at some point, it’s something I really want to do. I’ve never seen Connor play for Rangers, but I hope one day I can go to experience it at an Old Firm game, particularly because at Celtic I know Connor and Shane Duffy.

“It’s something I’d love to do once the virus is gone and it’s safe again because I think it will be a brilliant atmosphere.”

In Brighton’s 3-3 draw with Wolves on the weekend, Dunk scored a vital goal. But the international from England says he’s shocked Goldson has scored seven times this season already – and jokes he never saw it coming when they played together.

I’ve been closely watching how he’s been doing at the Rangers, and I can see that he’s soaring,” he added.” He seems to have turned into a target machine somehow!

“And not just with headers, which is the most amazing thing. All I hear now is that he’s like Franz Beckenbauer coming from behind and then smashing them in!

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I had no idea that he had it in his locker. He keeps telling me that he’s in double digits, so we’re going to see how close he comes to it.

But I’m very happy to hear how well he’s doing. I knew in the past what a good player he could be after playing with him. And he seems to have really stepped up after signing with Rangers.

“When he moved from Shrewsbury to Brighton, he was still quite a young player. For him, it was a huge move, but you could see his potential.

“Soon after he moved, we became friends. And when he came into the squad, when you played with someone, you got even closer. We developed a strong friendship that continues to this day.

“As with any athlete, it helps you get along well on the field if you have a good relationship off the field. Since you know what the other person is going to do, you don’t have to talk as much. And that makes it all much simpler.

I tried my best to help Connor adapt to the championship. He always told me at this stage how much more challenging he found training. But after a while, you get used to it, and when he needed it, I was there to help him.

But he was such a good player that he easily changed, and that’s what you saw when he was…


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