Canelo Alvarez was so sure he’d beat Caleb Plant that he wrote ‘undisputed’ on his gloves BEFORE he won the belts.


Canelo Alvarez was so confident in his ability to defeat Caleb Plant that he fought with the words “undisputed” written on his gloves BEFORE winning the belts.

On the night of his super-middleweight coronation, CANELO ALVAREZ had ‘undisputed’ written on his gloves.

After knocking out Caleb Plant in 11 rounds, the Mexican star boasted of undisputed credentials.

It saw him complete his collection of WBC, WBA, and WBO belts by adding the IBF, making him one of only six men in history to win all four.

Canelo was so sure he’d pull it off that he had undisputed printed on his gloves and a ready-to-wear jacket.

With a round to go, Alvarez, who has won belts in four divisions, scored two knockdowns before the referee stopped the fight.

Plant, 29, was taken to a Las Vegas hospital for precautionary checks after being defeated for the first time in 22 fights.

But, following his defeat, he broke his silence and vowed to come back stronger than ever.

“I’ve bent most of the world to my will and done so with nothing but passion and skill,” Plant wrote.

“I’ll be back because I proved to myself that I belong at the top, and I’ll be world champion once more.”

“I’ve never been afraid to take risks or put my shield on the line.

“I appreciate all of my supporters and fans.”

Canelo admitted before the fight that he had never felt such hatred for an opponent, but later paid Plant his respects.

“He wanted to keep going,” he said.

I assured him that he had nothing to be ashamed of.

Of course, I was victorious.

“Caleb is a formidable opponent.

He was a tough opponent with a lot of skill, and I have a lot of respect for him.”


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