Burnley boss Sean Dyche wants to speed up vaccines for footballers


“Coach says money spent on blanket tests could go to the NHS. There will be people who disagree with me,” Dyche says.

Aston Villa Covid outbreak leaves Liverpool FA Cup tie in doubtRead moreIn his speech ahead of Saturday’s FA Cup home clash with MK Dons, Dyche announced that there were “a few” Covid 19 cases in the Clarets camp. Burnley coach Sean Dyche called for faster vaccination against the coronavirus in soccer, saying money saved on testing could go to the NHS. Dyche, who stressed that he did not say that footballers should take precedence over “the important people who need to be vaccinated” such as key workers, the elderly and the vulnerable, spoke about the benefits of the pandemic and how soccer remains a “competitive industry”: I believe soccer vaccination is the way to go,” Dyche said. “I can only speak for the Premier League because I’m in the competitive industry.

I know that some people are going to be shocked by that remark, but if you think about it rationally, all of us are going to be inoculated.

A lot of people wanted the return of soccer… The income it raises by taxes is also seen in the well-being of the players… There’s a lot of positive stuff that happens in soccer. If that money goes back into the NHS and the vaccine programme, the amount of money expended on research in the Premier League will definitely be a better place to be than continuing to test a lot of footballers two, three, four times a week.

Some people, I understand, are thinking, “Why should footballers get vaccinated?” ” but … if there are 20 Premier League clubs and 100 vaccinations at one club, I would imagine the payback to the system, the NHS and the vaccination system, would be significant financially. “I’ve been advised that if you’re vaccinated, you don’t need to be checked.

So if testing reduces, I assume that the money will be used for a much different reason, and soccer will remain a competitive industry and not what it could become, because players are missing games, a biased industry.

” Dyche stressed, adding, ” Dyche stressed, adding, “”

It is not outside the health of everyone, obviously.

But as teams lose five, six, seven players at a time, the competitive essence of the game will diminish. That would skew a whole season’s potential outcomes.

I must stress, again, that I am not trying remotely to get in the way of the main staff, the indispensable people who need to be immunized.

“I’m just suggesting that there is a window of time to speed up soccer to return to full competitiveness, on an equal playing field… Manchester United sign Amad Diallo as reasons are known for Cavani’s suspensionContinue reading “I just think we’re getting to that dangerous moment of how many games need to be postponed before it’s time to lock up again, and I’m just trying to find a possible moment.

It is possible that the next two games will be affected. On Friday, we’ll be checked again, so we’ll have to see what the next round brings.


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